5 months after my haemorrhage stroke I am wracked with fear about my future! I am so used to being independent I can't do much yet without help!! I can just about stand unaided! Does this insecurity get better? 

The short answer is, yes it does. But it all takes time. Recovering from a stroke is a long process but with hard work and determination you can do this. You say you can just about stand unaided. Next you will be able to take a step, then two, four, six. Then, you'll be able to get yourself to the toilet. (I remember that achievement). And so it goes on....... My stroke was five and a half years ago and i'm still working hard on my recovery. My current challenge is being able to do kerbs without my stick. Scary!! 

Dear Jane

things improve very slowly. Avoid depression and keep positive thoughts and the improvements do come along.

cheer yourself along with lots of smiles.

If you dont keep moving then your muscles and joints might start  to seize up at around two years. But it is never too late to achieve recovery.

You are no longer the same person as before stroke, but the new you will find some good features. My good feature is that i now adore pets, especially my cat, the first pet in our household.

If you can try to think in little steps then perhaps the fear of the future will ease. 
so yes, the insecurity does fade away.

You have survived a stroke, so you are special,

be positive

smile a lot

you are not alone





Thank you! Took my first steps with my physio and quad stick today ??

Thank you took my first steps with a quad stick today 

Every day is different. What a good day yesterday you took charge of your quad stick . Well done jane56. Little steps, repeated often.


That's brilliant. Keep a note of all these things and when you do them. Then you can look back and see how much you've progressed.