I know the feeling exactly! After I first came home from hospital I had a number of other issues, including a fall resulting in a broken elbow and being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. As soon as I started to feel better, I tried to encourage my husband to have some 'me' time, even if it meant staying sitting in my chair till he came home! He was offered, but didn't get round to taking up, membership of a local Carers' club which would have given him the opportunity to meet other carers in a social situation. Sadly, the advent of Covid stopped anything like that.

Depending on the severity of your stroke, I would encourage you to urge him to try to get out periodically and do whatever floats his boat, even it means asking a friend or a neighbour to come in to be with you while he's out.   In my case, my husband is a keen cyclist and, since we had just moved from the Sussex coast to the Midlands, was keen to get out and explore this new area. Seeing that you can cope if he's not there will help him too!

Sadly, Covid has meant that nothing has felt normal over the last couple of years, so don't feel that the lack of normality is all down to your stroke! As time goes on and you both start to get used to the 'new normal', it will get better.

Over two years ago my husband had his stroke. He has worked so hard on his road to recovery remaining fully focused.  I am truly proud of him as I know this has been a very large mountain to climb.

He has expressive aphasia and this is massively frustrating. The fatigue as we all know is something else that WE have to live with and try and manage. I say WE as it impacts on both of us (it's a nightmare for my husband)

But, he also now has no real feelings for me. At first, I put it down to the life-changing event and the sheer effort and fight every day to recover. I have broached the subject with him and I sense he is aware of this but can't say how he feels....or of lack of. I know he still loves me but just not the same.

We are husband and wife but now live like neighbours. We now have a non-tactile relationship. ( I miss a hug)

The reason I am writing this message is to ask, has any other partner experienced this and in time does it get better.

What haunts me though. My first conversation with a member of the Stroke Association, who herself had had 2 strokes, informed she divorced her husband because her feelings changed. At the time, I just thought what a strange thing to say and dismissed it instantly.

If any body out there has any advice  or experience.....good or bad maybe you could share it.

I'm in for the long haul!!!

Thankyou in advance.