Hello everyone I hope your all keeping well, this one is for the ladies, does anyone else just feel a bit rubbish a few days before their period is due I have noticed the past 3 months about 5 days before I feel wiped out and my stroke side feels weak. I’m absolutely fine afterwards it just seems to be a few days before I didn’t k ow if it was a coincidence or is something others have experienced x

@Katielou1884 i can’t help with your question as it doesn’t affect me anymore but I wonder if it is a hormone change thing?

@Mrs5K i did wonder the same, my periods have been awful too and I always look ghostly pale

@Katielou1884 i’ve heard a few ladies say their periods have been much worse since their stroke. They put it down to being on blood thinners. Makes a bit of sense to me. I wonder if its worth you speaking to your GP to see if there is anything they can give you to ease them for you. Although if you still want children options may be a little more limited xx

One of the very few advantages of having gone through the menopause is the lack of periods. I certainly don’t miss them. When I did have them it was before my stroke so I can’t comment on linking the two, but I always did feel worse in the run up to a period so I can imagine that they don’t help with post stroke symptoms

You may find this blog on Different Stroke’s website helpful @Katielou1884

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