Periods stopped

To all the ladies out there, did anyone’s periods stop after your stroke happened? I am 46 & my periods were getting irregular pre stroke & think I was perimenopausal but they have completely stopped since the stroke which was in sept 21.

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Hi @Lillianya I am 44 and my periods became even heavier after the stroke in September 2020.

I spoke to my GP about it and has a pap smear test and pelvic ultrasound. Turns out the tiny fibroids I have had grown bigger and also being on blood thinners also didn’t help.

Hi @Lillianya I’m 47 had my stroke Aug 21 I had a period a few weeks after it happened then nothing for 3months, my Doctor had thought the trauma had brought on menopause and stopped them, I was actually hoping this was the case but no they started back.