People understand what was wrong with me

After my stroke people look at me and say that there is nothing wrong with you,but when I start speaking and start talking the words don't come out as you want them to.

 I have ask people to talk slowly and explain things or what is going on, they do BUT they soon go back into their old ways and forget what is wrong with you.

I am still very intelligent and aware what is going on.

I only wish people will remember what someone have said to them and remember that after a stroke we need all the help that we need.

Vincent Gillibrand 

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Hello Vincent, I am constantly reminding people of my symptoms. I told someone that I have to plan my day carefully, and their response was, "So, do we all, we all plan our days in our heads.", I then said, "I have to plan it carefully because of my fatigue.", they then said, "I have a nap too during the day.". So, I just gave up the conversation because, clearly, they were hearing me but not listening to me.

Hi Vincent

I consider myself very lucky, whilst I suffered my stroke in Scotland I received superb treatment but after my return home to Blackpool I have not even had a phone call from Blackpool Victoria hospital. I have had to treat myself and I am also almost back to normal I too suffer with tiredness and confusion , unsteadiness when walking. I also can’t always make my words and sentences to come out as I want them to.

My wife and family and really good friends understand but others don’t see beyond physical attributes and even after telling them how it is never seem to accept it, it so very frustrating.

I have learnt to just accept it, treat their ignorance without prejudice and carry on regardless. I know I am coping and getting my self better I have certain problems but they WILL NOT stop me striving to better my health and enjoy my life. As they say in Star trek “live long and prosper”


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