People not understanding


Anyone else living with someone that thinks i shouuld be gungho and out everyday walking up and down the road on my walker! And going on journeys.



Hi this is a common reaction from many. They do not understand that brain damage is unlike a cough, cold, bump or bruise. After more than six years I still get asked when will I get better and am always told I look well.

I overheard my Farther talking to a friend of his and apparently I am not working hard enough or doing enough walks outside - if it was him he would be better!!!

An undamaged brain cannot conceivably feel what a damaged brain feels. The best we can strive for is empathy. I come across this daily, and sometimes it rubs me the wrong way but mostly, I am resolved to do what is best for me. If that requires a few inactive days in bed, or whatever feels best at the time.

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Glad i am not the only one!
Getting people to understand the effects of TIA Stroke is something i find very difficult. The pain, discomfort alongside the weakness, or just the difficulty in making my hand/arm work is very frustrating. Even getting my GP to understand whats happening is a challenge.
Its all very frustrating and then trying to get help from DWP is an absolute nightmare as they have no understanding.


I have been lucky at the moment things are getting better but even so I have days where I just can’t get motivated and I have family thinking by now I should be doing cartwheels up and down the drive and it gets you down you try to explain to them but it feels like there not listening one of the main things that keeps me motivated now is what I read on here and all the positive feedback

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Hi Anne this is such a common reaction from people who havnt had a stroke. My friend is always telling me that I’m better and that fatigue is in my mind and I should be more positive. I’ve just learned to not argue about it! It’s not worth it.just ry to keep smiling and keep going love sue