PEG tube feeding at home

Hi, my mum is shortly to be discharged home with a PEG feeding tube as she has no swallow reflex. I am very worried about how this is going to be managed and who will look after the feeding/cleaning regime as she is on her own and I live too far away to be able to help with care. Has anyone got any experience of this? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

Hi @catali

Just seen this post, so it may be a bit late for advice.

You say your Mum has no swallow reflex, but do not mention other conditions such as use of hands, cognitive skills etc.

I guess the discharge team will already have advised you on how your Mum can be fed.

If she is able to she can feed herself and look after the tube.
If she is nit able to do so and she will be helped by care workers, the care workers can feed your Mum via the PEG.
If there are no carers then I would suggest the district nurse team would be able to help.

Sorry I can’t be specific as it very much depends on what you Mum is able to do and who is going to care for her.

My Mum cannot look after herself and she has carers and district nurse help available. We have chosen to manage the PEG feed and medicine admin ourselves.

One other thing, which again you may already know, the Abbott’s Hospital to Home who provide the liquid feed also provide a Feed&Go pump which automates the feed and can also allow you to be mobile - you can have a back pack in which the pump is kept and so you could go off to the park and have your feed there if you so desire. :smiley:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes to you and your Mum.