Peaks and troughs

Hi all, it’s been a while.
My lovely Mum has been doing really well overall. She’s determined to come back stronger and fitter than pre stroke despite the challenges it has left her with.

She’s learned to step away from trying to do gadgety things online in the evening or to try and sort stuff out late, as she gets tired and weary.

We celebrated her birthday and Mother’s Day this weekend and had a fantastic time, she looked amazing and had a great few days.

Yesterday - BANG… down to earth we go. Her BP meds were changed from Amlodopine to Ramipril about 3 weeks ago as the former was causing her feet and legs to be very puffy.
Her BP began slowly creeping up since end of last week, it’s was 185 yesterday morning… spent 8 hrs in A&E where it peaked at 217/111! Amazingly she felt okay, was discharged as it came down to mid 160s and referred to ambulatory care from midday today.

It’s such a rollercoaster :weary:

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@nsw72 it’s good to hear your mum has been making great progress. It sounds like she’s very determined & is good at stopping doing things when they impact her the most.

It’s such a shame she now has this BP issue & i hope they get it back within normal limits very soon.

It really is a rollercoaster ride but I hope the ups soon outweight the downs & it all steadies out.

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Hi Mrs5K, lovely to hear from you. How are you doing?
It’s not lost on us that today is Mum’s 6 month strokeaversary!
An afternoon in ambulatory care and they’ve upped her Ramipril which is what my Mum had decided needed doing at the end of last week.
She’s home, safe if not very weary.
Hopefully minor setback and she will soon be feeling much better.

I’m doing ok thank you. Hope you are well too & not too exhausted with everything that’s going on.

I hope the increase in ramipril sorts your mum’s bp issue. She’ll feel much better once it has settled again.

Here’s to more improvements over the next 6 months.

Best wishes

Ann x

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Hello @nsw72
Long time no see.
Great to hear that your mum has been doing well but sorry to hear she’s had a setback.

Maybe the excitement of the birthday was a factor?

Rest & meds would seem to be the order of the day


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Hi Simon, how are you?
Her new meds were a low dose with a review after 3 weeks , took 2 weeks before this happened so now upped to full dose and cross fingers things improve. I guess there is no simple answers for recovery.

Mum did have a busy week last week, back to Pilates, mri scan, big weekend so that may all have played a part.

Very triggering to be back at the hospital but she’s home now and safe x

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Thanks Ann. I’m really pleased to read you’re doing well x

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