Patient voices needed in Nottinghamshire

Hi all, I work for the Stroke Association and we are working in partnership with local Health Professionals in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire to look at the care stroke survivors receive on leaving hospital.  We are looking for stroke survivors and/or family members who would like to contribute their ideas and thoughts to improve the experience and care for stroke survivors.

We have been asked if we can identify stroke survivors who would be willing to attend a series of meetings from May to July (see dates below) attending what meetings they can.  Expenses can be claimed for travel costs or we can arrange transport.

There are three workshops with clinicians taking part too - 22nd May at County Hall in West Bridgford; 6th June in Newark and 4th July at County Hall in West Bridgford.

There are also two small focus groups taking place in Nottingham on 29th May and 13th June which are small groups.  The meetings will last about 2 hours.

During this time the process of support after stroke will be discussed and everyone's views considered and used to form part of an improvement in follow up after stroke.

If you think you might be interested and would like to find out more, please ring Sue Lewindon on 0115 871 2460.

Thanks for reading!