Patchwork Sewing

After my stroke I was unable to return to work, but wanted to test my brain by learning a new skill so I did a night class at Cardonald college over 10 weeks,and with the help of a devoted patchworker friend, I learned the basics of patchwork sewing. Sewing has become quite an important activity for the new me-when I don't sew for a week I get twitchy! It totally absorbs me, lets me be creative, and I really enjoy the weird and wonderful creations that don't always turn out like the picture.....Here is a photo of my latest creation-a wee quilt for a baby expected to arrive in January 2018. Has anyone else took up a new hobby after their stroke that has helped them adjust to the new "you"? 

Lovely quilt Laura love the colours. I stumbled on a new hobby totally out of the blue about 3 weeks post stroke. I had read a poem in this section on the old MSG that was really moving. It literally felt like a switch had been flipped inside my head and i decided i was going to 'have a go'. Took me about 15 mins and i wrote a poem about the day i had the stroke. This might not sound unusual but my hobby for the past 5 1/2 years pre-stroke had been card making and all my verses came off the internet or from my brother because i couldn't rhyme two lines let alone a whole poem. I've written 40+ poems mostly stroke related and they had quite a profound effect on my life and gained me a lot of recognition. The biggest reward from writing the poetry is that i had a lot of positive feedback as to how people have identified with them. Recovery from the stroke has definitely had it's ups and downs but i see the poetry writing as a real blessing. :-)

Rachel x

I'm desperate to get back on sewing machine, I'm no expert but do love the escapism!

Beautiful quilt Laura, I love the colour combinations. I met a client who used to quilt pre stroke but was on the road to adapting her technique. The lovely Emily G told me that wearing a marigold rubber glove on the hand that controls the speed of flow of the fabric is a simple and effective  adaptation. Can't wait to see more of your projects. ?

i have decided that patchwork is going to be the hobby I'm going to take up now i am at home during the day i can't find any courses at all in my local area could any one recommend a good book or give some advice to a novice please?