Partner recent stroke

My partner of 17 years had a stroke Friday just gone he is now in hospital. Hospital I can't visit due to not allowing visiting due to covid. I have had a right carry on getting information off nurses and consultants upto now I know he had a hamerroghic stroke consultant phoned me Sunday before then I was just getting he is ok or he is comfortable, consultant said someone should of phoned me saturday he has no feeling on right side  he on feeding tube found out on Sunday. they have to hoist him in to chair which I only found out this morning after I lost my temper I also only found out on Monday he has pneumonia too and is having low level oxygen also he can't talk. . It's terrible I can't visit him and in the 17 years together we have never spent time apart from one night years ago. I am finding it very difficult at the moment I have never known anyone to have a stroke before that I know so haven't a clue about anything. The hospital has said he will stay with them a few more days then go to a rehab unit how long he will be there for I haven't a clue. Its very hard at the moment. 

He is lucky to be going to a rehab umit as places are limited. They would not send him there unless they thought he should make a good recovery. All the therapists he needs should be available there.

Keep hopeful and look after yourself.



Hi there. Four years ago I had a haemorrhage stroke. I was in hospital a fortnight before being sent to a rehab ward. I was on my rehab ward a month before going home. Going to a rehab ward is a step forward. They will,hopefully, get him back on his feet in stages and then bring him on a home visit to see what adjustments will be needed to allow him home. He should then, ideally, come home with a support package in place.

Recovery varies from individual to individual and a lot will depend on your support and encouragement and his determination. Please come back to our forum with any worries and queries or just to let off steam

Thank you so much John and hope you are recovering well. We live already in a disabled bungalow due to my partner having a few other health issues. My support and encouragement is there You have set my mind at rest of hearing how long you were in rehab for. I hope you have recovered. Thank you once again. 

Thank you so much Janet. My partner never likes things beating him. It's encouraging to hear they wouldn't send him there if they didn't think it would do good. I hope your health is better now. Thank you once again. 

Thank you. I have recovered quite well, but still working on it. Stroke isn't like getting over an illness unfortunately, because it is a brain injury. Hopefully, it won't be long before your partner is home again.

My partner is doing so well, his swallowing has improved brilliantly he is also taking drinks without the thickens in it. He is now standing and been working on his walking this morning physio picked his trainers up they are also giving him a leg brace to help I am so proud of him. He though has been getting annoyed with his self but I understand perfectly why as before the stroke the leg in question was going peculiar and he got annoyed then. I do think though he will have off days as well I hope the leg brace will help. He still can't speak so still know phone calls its so hard the hospital tried to get virtual visits but Internet signal is no good where he is. The nurses and physio and staff there though have been brilliant passing on messages to barney. I just can't wait to see him again as he been in hospital since 3rd April. 

Hi FeeFee, so glad that you are seeing improvement - that is so encouraging ?.  I definitely don't want to dampen the occasion but just be aware that this progress takes an enormous amount of energy, and brain-power, it's probable that his brain will need a good rest at some point.  Rest is SO important for stroke recovery.  My suggestion is that you keep a daily record of things that are happening - stroke recovery can be all over the place, but having some notes to refer to will help you to keep track of everything.  I'm amazed at how much I'd fogotten about my husband's progress and recovery, and if it hadn't been for my record notes, I'd have never been able to accurately remember everything that had happened over the months (and now, nearly 3 years!)

My husband found phone calls and even texts very difficult in the early days, so we just used 2 or 3 emojis to let each other know how things were.  (I went back to teaching about 6 weeks after his stroke, and found it very difficult to be away from him, but just knowing that I could send a smiley was reassuring.

We're walking the recovery path with you and sending all good wishes xxx

Hi there, my partner has been really depressed the nurses are saying it's because he can't see me due to covid on plus side they are trying to get him home they said will be around the 3rd June. Yesterday though he fell off a chair at rehab he was reaching over for something he is OK just annoyed with his self. I have been busy organising our home for him coming home ot are coming out hopefully this week to decide what he needs they still need hoist as even though he trying to stand. The bed will need changing as it's a divan bed we have 2 bedrooms so normal bed moved in to smaller room. I have also opened up the wet room door for access from bedroom as I had it closed off with wardrobe for when daughter was home I borrowed my uncle wheelchair to check if can get round bungalow OK with turns in rooms etc and works great so now just waiting for ot to get into gear. Hopefully won't be long I just want him home it's been too long with no contact whatsoever. 

Hi everyone hope you are all OK. Update on my partner I have now started speaking to him on phone he phoned me last night and tonight. But last night I understood most what he was saying but tonight I struggled understanding him a lot of words were jumbled up and were randomly any advice please how I can help him over the phone. I am not bothered about them been jumbled up its fabulous just hearing his voice. But I would love to help him also I have noticed he uses swear words a lot. His ot is coming to our home tomorrow as well to visit to see what he needs before he comes home so don't think it will be long before he is home which will be a lot easier talking face to face.

Any help would be appreciated. 



If OT are checking things out at home, then he must be near ready to be discharged. A big step forward.

Regarding speech, I just needed time. So if you can be patient and wait for his responses, he will get his speech going better and better. I recall the effort I had to make in order to say something quite simple.

best wishes


Hi Colin thank you yes the ot, speech and language and physio are happy for him to come home she is doing paperwork today.  They only need a commode, wheelchair and toilet frame as toilet one we have is not suitable. we have shower chair all ready plus the handrails our bungalow is a disabled one anyway. So all on flat the consultant goes tomorrow to the rehab unit so if he says barney can come home he can. They will then continue his physio, speech therapy and ot at home. The nurses had him out in the garden today. So good news. The hospital are phoning me tomorrow to let me know what happens with the consultant.

Thanks fiona

Forgot to say they are saying also he can move from chair to bed etc now. 

In my opinion "transfer" is everything. If Barney can get from bed to chair then thats a massive plus point. I know that "transfer" was written large on the whiteboard by my hospital bed. And it was the key to a great deal ofprogress.

And getting out in this glorious sunshine will cheer Barney up.



Wonderful news! Speech therapy hints in time and practice! It was 6 months when was able to form a sentence and carry on conversation (I was mute after the stroke and I started ‘from the ground up) making sounds arecombining them into words). Practice, practice, practice! ??