Partner post mini stroke fatigue

Hi my partner is 12 months in since his minor stroke, and has been prescribed beta blockers, blood thinners, and simva statins.

He is suffering from very mental fatigue. I think partly to blame is his use of the internet for his work, etc. The exercise he does is once a week at badminton.

I’ve tried to encourage him to do daily walks, go out on bike, but as he has rheumatoid arthritis, this can flare up, especially when it’s been damp and raining.

Any opinions, experiences with fatigue following a minor stroke, and how you and your loved one cope with it?

Thank you for any who find the time to reply.

Warm wishes



Hi & welcome

You’ll find a lot of info by going to magnifying glass above and searching for “fatigue” .

Particularly common is keeping a diary of activity, diet hydration, to try and pin cause and effect

I’m fatigued at the moment and I did a lot on the computer yesterday so I’ve got sympathy with your suspicion…

If he goes to badminton then I guess he wasn’t too badly physically affected but being out in the fresh air is generally a good idea except it seems to be raining all the time at the moment - otherwise I’d be in the garden



Tiredness is a very common symptom of stroke ,some mornings I get up and feel great so I’ll go and do some gardening or walking or or diddling about in the garage or shed etc ,the next I’ll be knackered,the last 2 days I’ve been been quite active but by 4pm I’ve been falling asleep,if your hubby is tired suggest an afternoon nap.


Shwmae Nadia, I noticed that your username is TIA Care Lover, so I would suspect your partner had a TIA which is like a stroke but will heal in time, so now is the opportunity to let the grey matter heal because it can. I had six TIAs and then a stroke. I think that pushing the brain early on will drag out TIA recovery because it isn’t being given the chance to mend itself.


@tiacarerlove Hi Nadia & welcome to the forum. Fatigue is very common after a stroke or TIA. I had a stroke 2 years ago then a TIA last Nov. The fatigue after both was awful. I had returned to work after my stroke using a computer most of the time & it is very draining. After my TIA i carried on at work but eventually had to take time out as the fatigue was too much. I think your partner might want to think about resting a bit & ensuring he is taking regular breaks from the screen. It’s very easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and lose track of time.
Does he have any adjustments in place for work? That might be worth exploring.

Best wishes to you both

Ann x

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Well everybody is different. There’s no one size fits all. So I suppose nobody knows what’s best for your partner. He has to learn from his own experience.

I am only 11 weeks into recovering from a “mild” brain bleed. I suffered very miserable bouts of fatigue for several weeks and learned through hard experience to pace myself and to limit any kind of intense activity. So they are my own guidelines: pacing and intensity.

Overdoing it causes harm. I can walk the mile to the local shops without difficulty. I would collapse in a heap before the half-way mark if I tried to run it. Pacing & intensity!