Partner had subarachnoid hemorrhage

My partner ( 39yr old ), 6months ago had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, as you can imagine aftercare is none existent.
We have been back to a&e a handful of times as she’s been in excruciating pain and discomfort.
Has random good days then gets really bad again.
She’s been told to manage her pain with Codiene and paracetamol, and that it should wear off in time. But unfortunately it’s starting to not really do a great deal.
So we may end up back up a&e for the standard 6-8 hour wait to see someone, likely only to be told there’s nothing that can be done apart from more medication.
My question is, is this to be expected going by others experiences? Should her pain begin to subside after 6months? I appreciate everyone’s experiences are different but it’s so hard watching her in pain, helpless to help whilst managing a full time job and an autistic daughter.
Also we were talking about possible causes for her stroke…
our on suite bathroom has had a ventilation problem for over a year now resulting in black mould growing on the ceiling. I have been on at our landlord/ estate agent to get this sorted for months now. Reason I ask is that my partner has in the last year developed skin allergies, which can be a direct reaction to mould exposure… I’m getting curious now if the mould could have caused her subarachnoid hemorrhage?

Thank you in advance


I can’t comment on the pain, but your mould question is interesting, at first I would have jumped in and said, probably not. However, having had a poke around the internet because the idea of it seems left of centre to me, it seems that yeast infections can be a cause for stroke. Caveat, of course, I am not medically trained, so am in the dark about this one as much as you. From a practical point of view, vis-a-vis, mould on the bathroom ceiling, failing intervention from your landlord, it might be worth brushing it with mould killer paste, and then roller painting mould resistant paint over the top. It’s a patch, but it’s better than breathing in spores.


Hi thank you for the response.
Yes it was only due to her skin allergy issues that led me to ponder whether her stroke was also related to the mould.
I have had a look through previous emails, and it appears that I initially bought the issue to our estate agent managing our property over two years ago.
I too had a quick google search and came across a page from the ‘ national library of medicine ‘ ( USA ).

‘Mycotic aneurysms may form and rupture, which creates the potential for hemorrhagic strokes, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and empyema formation.’

To be brutally honest bud, as a tenant I believe I shouldn’t have to sort the issue out myself.
The room has a ventilation problem that requires the extraction fan to be moved in a more adequate location, a stronger fan fitted. Then the mould needs to be removed and the ceiling painted and sealed to avoid further outbreaks.
Over the past two years we’ve had contractors out to quote the work but nothing has ever been done.
We just want to leave and find somewhere else to be honest.


Probably leaving might be worthwhile, albeit, making it as gentle and kind a move as possible for your partner. These household issues and estate agents / landlords are a nightmare, aye, you shouldn’t have to deal but I also know that getting these things fixed through what should be the proper channels is like pulling teeth. Diolch for the mould related stroke information, very interesting.

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Hi @Timpg
Welcome although sorry you have had reason to join. One of the best clubs in town and these peer support clubs never have a waiting list!

Re addressing the black mould: a mop with either horticultural vinegar or dilute bleach will address what’s there currently very quickly.
Wear glasses to protect eyes from splashes if you’re going to do anything above your head! Won’t be a permanent solution but will definitely remove the immediate problem and the spores immediately!! reapplication maybe needed periodically.

Yes Google will turn up lots of “black spores could be dangerous”. Equally googling bananas tells you how dangerous they are! Although you’re right to say that black mould spores do have a positive correlation with some neurological impacts. Some tests may tell you if it applies in this case

As for post stroke pain there are a lot of possible reasons. Is it head pain or muscle pain? Is it phantom pain being generated in the head? Did it start immediately with the stroke? has it come on in the ensuing months?

As for aftercare; we on here know that some people get excellent and ongoing care and some get none & most of us get an inadequate supply of not very good quality. Some of us have found that when we become our own expert and our own motivator and our own prescriber - ie ‘Being our own therapist and working hard’ we do see results
if you rely on outside services then sadly & wrongly) results are normally from awful to mediocre

You might find that the welcome post contains stuff that is informative for you

Indeed there’s lots of good information on here and the magnifying glass and the top margin of the forum will help you find relevant topics



Hi & welcome @Timpg sorry to hear of your partners stroke & the amount of pain she’s suffering. It is different for everyone but pain can last a long while after stroke. 6 months is still relatively early in stroke recovery terms so there could well be much improvement over time.

I woukd go back to the Drs & see if they can give her anything else for the pain & if not a pain clinic referral might be needed.

Wishing you both all the best.


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