Participants needed for a study investigating the experiences of appearance related changes in adults after a stroke

Plymouth University are conducting a pilot study that aims to explore experiences of appearance-related changes in adults after a stroke and understand how these changes have affected social interactions. Our aim is to develop a questionnaire which can be used in the community to help identify those who need extra support due to appearance-related changes following their stroke.

We would like to hear about your experiences of appearance-related changes by completing our questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you about your stroke, your wellbeing, your appearance and appearance-related changes. There is also a section which asks you to comment on the questionnaire itself and how well it fits with your experiences. 

To take part you need to be at least one year post your stroke, and to have experienced some change to your appearance as a result of your stroke.

If you feel you are interested in this study and meet the participant criteria and would like to participate or request further information, please feel free to contact the principal investigators Alyson Norman or Sue Jackson at:  or



I'm a carer for my husband, and he was not only concerned about whether his facial expressions had been changed by the stroke, but also whether others thought about how his movement had changed, too. His stroke meant there were lots of things that he had to do differently and he was concerned that others would notice that he has problems walking in a straight line and think he was drunk. This research covers all aspects of changes to appearance, and all kinds of appearance concerns.