Partial eclipse

Too cloudy here!

Really nice photo. I had a pin-hole camera to see it, And you are lucky was cloudy as you could do serious damage to you camera.

Oh no that's a shame my boys sent me the pics just wanted to share .pippy 

I am glad that someone got to see it for real. A little nervous today about to go and get my second dose of the covid vaccination!

That's understandable,I've had both mine as I work for NHS so got them earlier as was working with covid ,your be fine I took 2 paracetamol s before I went for mine ,it was fine hardly any problems ,hope it goes well ..pippy 

Thanks. I less worried this time because I had one shot. Just been hearing people have more side effect after the second one.

Everyone different I had more with the first shot ,the second I had no effects ..pippy 

My son took it with his phone ,pippy

All done. I was reassured that the person administrating the shot told me the rare clots were being caused by some interaction with the immune system. I did bleed more than last time and she said I would likely get quite a big bruise. I will have to wait to see if there are any other side effects.

Well done ,it's all done now..hope your feeling ok pippy