Painful spasticity on right leg at night and curling right hand and arm

The person I care for had a stroke 12 years ago after a successful 30 years in the police force, retiring as a sergeant at the age of 48 and enjoying 4 years of relatively good health.
He has right sided paralysis in all of his right side. The problems that are causing the most discomfort is the severe spasticity he suffers throughout the night and his right arm that he needs to splint up as it curls up.
He has tried most of the drugs on offer. The most recent is Gabapentin which just results in him falling asleep all of the time through the day. Botox has been discussed for his arm but apparently the tendons are too short now for that to have any effect.
Does anyone else have the same problems and what have they done to help alleviate the problems?

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@GrahamOades welcome to the forum. I don’t have any advice re spasticity but just wanted to welcome you.

I’m sure there will be someone on here who can offer some advice.

Best wishes.


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welcome to the group. have you tried YouTube for physio etc, they are a good starting point

Thank you I will take a look for Graham.