I had my stroke in June up till about a month ago I have developed pain in my affected arm although I have no movement at all ,I used to stretch it using good arm but pain as got too bad.

My GP has given something to treat nerves and pain killers but I'm getting depressed that I can't exercise my right arm 

Any advice

Hi ,I had stroke over 1 year ago ,left side weakness, mobility & extreme fatigue. 6 months ago bad shoulder pain & also crook of arm , particularly at night. Tried recommended exercises, slowly as painful, also given pain relief. Slowly improved a bit ,for me best simple exercise, was lifting 2 water bottles & stretching rubber strap out , other exercises too painful. Can still get extreme pain at night. Hope things improve. David .

Thanks for that advice,unfortunately I got no use of hand (apart from thumb),lower arm,I have slight movment upper arm and shoulder ,shoulder very weak .I wear a strap as physio thinks countable to discoloration

Thanks any way

Have you or could you try a tens machine think they're around £30 @Lloyd's chemists,it might help with the pain?i'm having pains in my legs  at mo but they weren't affected by stroke  so can only assume it's the medicationangry Best Wishes Bernadette