Pain relief for shoulder pain

Hello everyone after a bit of advice after a stroke in May this year I wasl eft with left side weakness especially in my left arm. While attending a physio class this week I mention to them about the pain in my upper arm shoulder area and they checked it out and said everything was in the right place and advised asking the doctor about neuropathic pain meds. Has anyone had anything similar prescribed and did they help I don't really want more pills to take but pain is very bad at times

Thanks rich.

Hi Rich

Maybe try talking to your GP and ask the GP to refer you for an Ultrasound scan.  My husband had something similar for nearly 9 months post Stroke, left side paralysis, awful pain, until Ultrasound showed a condition called Bursitis, evidently quite common post stroke and after 1 steroid injection it really helped and meant he was gradually able to do more exercises with his left arm to help his Rehab and get more movement.

Yours might be something different but maybe try getting the scan done to check it out rather than just being given painkillers?

All the Best