Pain in my legs


I am new to this forum .I want to share my story with u guys. 

I am a 48 year old female. I am diabetic (since the past 10 years) & I have rheumatic heart disease.

I suffered from my first stroke in November 2016 & second stroke in April 2018; In between these 2 years, I was going through a lot of emotional circumstances. My only daughter got married in 2015 and moved away from the U.K. After the first stroke, my lower limbs lost a lot of strength and my mobility became very less. I was bed ridden for 2 years due to my lack of physical abilities. 

I am struggling the most with the ongoing pain and numbness in both of my legs. I have been prescribed to take Amitriptyline 20mg every night by my doctor. Despite taking the medicine, I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my lower limbs. 

Has anyone else suffered from the same type of pain?

Hi Shazy, I know your post was 2018, I was just wondering if you still get pain in your legs?. I suffered my first stroke in May 2018 and my second in July 2019. I lost my Husband in September 2018 and am finding that difficult but also I am finding it hard to work out what problems are linked to my strokes and I have recently started suffering a lot of pain and aching in my lower back and both legs and was wondering how you are getting on. I walk with my dogs and have tried different forms of exercise but it all seems to have the opposite effect to what I really want, not easing it if anything making it worse.