Anyone had a PA? My husband is struggling at the moment!! It's making me feel really guilty! I can only recover as quick as my body will let me ! Anyone had a PA to help? Was it beneficial? 

what is a PA Jane I dont know. Norma.

It's a personal assistant. Like a carer. But can take me out etc so my husband can have some space without worrying about me!

Hi.i didn't have PA but I wonder if you contacted your local council or local care homes (they might know of a private carer/PA)they could guide you in the right direction?any friends or family or neighbours who could spare a couple of hours?even to just sit withyou whilst hubby does his thing or maybe a pub lunch/cafe or similar?just a thought.i hope you get sorted soon.take care.Bernadette.

Thank you   The problem is my husband feels he has to do everything for me! We are going to look into options!! 

Hi Jane.hows things?,I had to have a talk with my other half a few months back,same story had to do everything,worried all the time,asked neighbours to keep an eye on me etc,made me feel useless though so I explained the only way I was going to get better and improve was by doing things for myself or at least trying to and if it didn't work at least I knew I'd tried.he got upset saying it is his job to look after me etc but we compromised,I wouldn't try to do too much,i have the neighbours phone numbers and I will ring hisnibs if I need help.the 1st time I went out on my own a short walk up the road I fell but at least I now know I bounce back(ouch)the 2and time I got lost I couldn't remember how to get home,eventually worked it out and felt silly at 1st but then proud I'd done it.sorry for rambling on but thought it might show that things can be worked out it does take time  though.dont forget its a big shock to both of you.start small +build up from there.p.s some days are still rubbish but tomorrow a fresh start.sending you best wishes. Bernadette x

I've always been fierrcly independent so it drives me nuts!!