Owl Babies...live streaming now

We don’t tend to watch much tv in the evenings, so what we’ve now taken up doing is watching Barn Owls and their babies on youtube live streaming.
There’s one baby owl who should be ready to flee the nest in the next couple days. We’ve also followed last years compilations for the barn owls/tawny owls/kestrels. They can be quite fascinating to watch…other times it can rather uneventful and mundane as they all sleep :smile: We just keep it on standby to watch throughout the day/evening to keep an eye when around.

Robert E Fuller - Discover Wildlife

From: Fotherdale, Yorkshire, UK

From: Ash Wood, Yorkshire, UK


Thank you for sharing! Very interesting!

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I showed my wife, who is my carer, those links. She is an avid ‘creature watcher’ and has a thing about owls . At the moment she is very much into hedgehogs. There is a rescue centre near here and she watches the progress there on Facebook. We don’t get out so this sort of thing is a vital link out of here for us.


That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing


I love animal live streamings, watched many over the years of wildlife all over the world, and some zoos and sanctuaries. It’s amazing what you can find on youtube and google in general for live streams :blush:

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We went to an owl sanctuary near Hereford and Hilary took a lot of pictures, she might post a few… (we also found a place that served scones the size of dinner plates with cream , but that’s another story)

Here’s a picture of Hilary’s pride and joy, good enough to be a Harry Potter prop:


Try Google search - owl Hereford


Hereford might be a little far for a daytrip but there a few owl and birds of prey sanctuaries a little closer to home that we are considering visiting…if we can ever get a half decent day for it :roll_eyes:

These photos are from back in 2011 taken down in sanctuary in Cornwall.
This is my hubby with a Barn Owl

And this is my daughter with a Long Eared Owl

And this is a pottery piece my daughter painted when she was 13yrs. It moves around the living room and settles in one place for a spell before it moves on to another perch :crazy_face: She’s just been taking a look at Hilary’s piece and thinks it “cool”, she loves the feathering effect on it :smile: I love it too, owls have always been my favourite type bird :blush: