Overcome with tears

Found myself blabbing like a weak fool over the time it is taking to get recovered enough to enjoy living, it all got too much a poored out in a whaling show of emotions.
Whilst I have done well it is not where I I know I want to be.
Next January will see the start of year three recovery from a severe stroke, probably not being realistic and I have 6 to 7 years before life looks closer to my life as I want it


I doubt if you will ever feel that you have made all the recovery you want. After 30 years it is now more about adapting than recovery for me. My friends and family tell me how well I have done and inside i am screaming at them that I could have done better.

I am so much on your pag have the same feelings sinc it happened, but 30 years post stroke must be a very good place, surely.
Merry Christmas.

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@mrfrederickson recovery can continue overca long period but there also comes a point where we have to adapt to live the best we can with what hand we’ve been dealt.

Sorry you’ve been really emotional. In a funny way it might have been just what you needed.

New Year will hopefully bring new improvements.

All the best.

Ann x

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Thanks Anne I am hopeful as my progress has been good this year not too far from my happy place , the pain, the immobility in my arm get me down

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I try and look at it as rebuilding rather than recovery, as recovery, for me, signifies a convalescence that in some way returns to a pre-stroke condition, but rebuilding, in my mind, means returning to a state of wellbeing but not constructed in the same way as pre-stroke. If that makes sense.


From one Mark to another, I hope you feel better soon @mrfrederickson. We all get periods when we feel disappointed that we’re not who we once were. You’ve done really well this year (I remember your posts about your static bike rides while watching Grands Prix). Try to look at what you have achieved rather than what you haven’t.

Remember we are highly unlikely to turn back the clock to our previous selves but we can make the best of our current ones.

We all survived and still have the chance to enjoy life, others aren’t so lucky.

Try to look on the bright side of life :musical_score::musical_note::notes:

I think we all have emotional times when we feel down, it sounds like you have done really well maybe a good cry was needed and hopefully you’ll feel better. Onwards to more progress next year.

Yes rebuilding my capability and stamina to allow my aims to be realised

I did feel better and I have gained so much this year I just wish my brain repair would deliver my left side back to a less painful state and restore arm movement

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It’s horrid being in pain all the time. I’m fortunate that, apart from my fuzzy head, i dont get a lot of pain.

Here’s hoping your pain eases in the near future.

Yes that would be a game changer, the fuzzy head can go too making one feel under the weather most days

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Yes the hangover head is a curse but can shake it off some days, tearful days are to be expected even for us tough guys and they do wash away some cobwebs. May the New Year bring all us SS unexpected benefits. Happy Yule SS :hugs::kissing_heart:

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Am also 30 years post stroke. Have overcome total paralysis, learned to talk again etc., but am still disabled! Hate it! Big love to EVERYONE on Christmas Day. More power to all of us! Carole xx

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Merry Christmas Carole. Xx

Happy Xmas Mrs.5K thanks xx

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