Over tired

Hi everyone i had my stroke 4 years ago and been fine but the last few months i get really tired around tea time i watch my granchildren after school so could be that does anyone else get over tired

Hi Lynnjenny-  It's been 2 1/2 years since my stroke, and I still get very tired.  I use the expression "I don't have much fuel in my tank."  So many people have mentioned this stroke fatigue.  It seems to be a very common thing.  I don't know what else to do about it except to rest if you're tired.  Children, even though we love them to pieces, can be very draining.  Just being around my grandkids for a little while exhausts me.  Their energy level is so high.  It's like they're drawing energy from you all the time.  Watch yourself when you're with them.  Are you up and down a lot, talking alot, helping with schoolwork?  That'll do it.  Try to sit more, pace yourself.  You set the pace.  Don't let them set the pace--if you can! Best wishes! Love, Jeanne

Dear Lynnjenny

very common to have post stroke fatigue. Best remedy is to get regular night time sleep.

there is a slight chance that it could be something other than post strok fatigue

When i was approaching 4years there was a tiny change in the SF. I wasnt recovering so quickly. The SF got worse and worse so i asked my GP and it turns out i had stenosis. Well that caused all sorts of medical fuss, including open heart surgery. In August last year all fatigue left me. What a revelation that was. But by September the fatigue was back, i think its post stroke fatigue but who knows.

you do very well to make it to tea time. I am writing at 8am and the fatigue has already visited. 
we need to keep positive and smile.

lots of us are here to support you



Hi thank jeanne been watching the grandchildren today hes ok austin is 8 but the baby is 3 as soon as we get in the house its nan cani have nan do this am glad when they go lynnx

Hi Lynnpenny. I had my stroke two and a half years ago. I recently had a back problem and am now taking Ibuprofen. I find I am very sleepy in the morning. In the afternoon I seem to have more energy and keep going until bedtime at about ten. I sleep well at night. I just need more energy!!! Lilian

Hi I didn't think you could take ibuprofen with blood thinners,I was told it's best to avoid them ..pippy 

Sorry couldn't take them pippy


Hi Lillian, similar / stroke 2 years ago , do you feel improved or more energy ? I return to bed each day,  about 11am , then ok for afternoon. Backache,  yes , caused by sitting in front of basin vanity unit , with legs to one side & body twisted back to wash. VERY unnatural,  like other ways I tend to move now, that create aches . Hoping to have basin fitted,  where I can face forward & get my legs & stool under. Just the process of arranging plumber to do this,  seems to create aniexity & therefore fatigue. My brain seems almost to look for something to lock onto,  then be anxious about ! Also silly things like this,  tend to remind me of things,  not able to do myself now . Good talking David. 

Thank you for your reply. I recently was in A and E with my back problem and they prescribed co codomol and ibuprofen and so I hope this is o k. What do you think?  Lilian

HiDavid.I wish I felt more improved but it is one step forward and two back. Present situation does not help with COVID. I hope you get your plumber to sort out quickly. lovely to talk Lilian

Unfortunately, it seems like fatigue and exhaustion are permanent for me afte a stroke 5 years ago. Wake up exhausted and then its downhill for the rest of the day. Sometimes grab an afternoon nap. Not something I would ever have considered pre stroke. 

And it is worse when the grandkids are around and so full of energy. I wish I could do more with them, but I know I cannot. 

I'm not too sure if your taking blood thinners surely taking non steroidal tablets will thin it too much,personally I steer away from them but if your worried check with your stroke nurse just to put your mind at ease ,pippy 

Hi , 5 years long time for this,  seen any improvements & less need to rest.  Grandchildren great to make me smile, max 2 hours ! Good speaking David. 

I would love to have a stroke nurse but presently there is no help available! I will ask the pharmacist and let you know. Thank you for your interest. Lilian

Hello David, two hours of grandchildren is good going! 

You should still be able to ring your nurse that came out to you for the first 6 weeks ,when mine stopped coming she said I could ring whenever because I felt like 6 weeks after their visits I was left ,but she said no ring whenever ,you could try them or like you say the pharmacy,..pippy

Thank you for your message. I have been to the pharmacist who advised against them. He advised me to take paracetamol which I will do.  Thank you for the text. Lilian

Your welcome,glad it helped you,...pippy 

Thank you for your help. If I am not being too intrusive could you tell me when you had your stroke? Lilian

That's fine I had my stroke on the 13th April this year. ..pippy