Our story, husband had a stroke and young children

Hello @alisonc
Welcome to the best club in town that nobody actually ever applies to and never refuses anybody a warm welcome.

You’ll find the crew here knowledgeable and empathetic but I guess you’re beginning to realise that if you have read nearly enough 150 posts :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already you should find and join VOCAL - it stands for something like voice of carers in the Lothians - It covers Edinburgh too. My wife Lea/ @BakersBunny Found them really really supportive and still does. I guess your husband is or was in long stone / Asterly Ainsley?
Have you come across the link that’s on here to the YouTube of her the day after my stroke? And both of us a year later?

Lea is in the process of re-establishing the carers cafe that she used to host When the Stroke Association sponsored it as an independent group now

You might find Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start Click the blue text helpful to give you some orientation. Also 40 things to know: what would you underline add or delete might help you and the mums you mention - It might also help to tell family and friends that are 5-minute visit is as much as a stroke recoveree can manage and there are no answers but plenty of questions.

Conserving your energy to say strong for the long haul is important. Different strokes have some information packs for children on stroke so they are well worth looking at they also have a community with justice supportive people but on Facebook Which changes the nature a little . @EmmaT1974 advice above is also good confirmation.

You’re best bet is to carry on reading, and searching when you identify specific topics and/or asking questions - you’ll get more information by searching and more sense of active support from others by asking

I wish your family the best as you become stroke thrivers all


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