Our skills

Hi @all

I’m always struck by the fact that when I read a post I have no idea about the person behind that post.

So I wondered - when we meet somebody in general community setting and we are making introductions we often say "I’m a teacher or a chef or brain surgeon…

So how would you introduce yourself?

I’ll start things off by saying I was a consultant in IT, project management and corporate change for many years. I did a lot of training in the last 30 years too. If that has the predictable response of glazed eyes I might add I collect antiquarian books on funeral monuments :slight_smile:

Your similar…?

I bet between us we’ve got an awful lot of skills and some of us have quite a lot of time on our hands :slight_smile:


I am a master locksmith for the last 40 plus yrs and a locksmith trainer for the last 13 yrs with my own workshop .


Hi I used to run a bed and breakfast . Since retiring I have written a novel and just started my second one .


Why do we have to tell all? Some people don’t want to tell their history of how good they are or not.
Privacy is good on the internet you never know who is following you and telling all about yourself in here isn’t good.

Hi Hilary
Hello :slight_smile: of course you don’t “have” to nor does anyone else - You’re at liberty to post or not to post, indeed to read or not.

You raise an interesting point about internet security.

the stroke association has chosen in its configuration to make this community’s discussion discoverable by search engine crawlers.
Most similar charities don’t expose the content of forums - so some caution is indicated - there are risks present
they’re more exaggerated than real for most of the folk who have been using the internet for a few years.

For example my phone number and email address has been on here as long as I have and I’ve not had any suspicious activity as a result but I do get phising emails from other sources - I know not to open attachments, click on links without checking what the destination is etc But for people who don’t know quite what that means they should be cautious about exposing contact details

I can’t actually imagine how saying you’re a locksmith or you used to run a b&b provides a vector along which someone could launch an attack but thank you for raising what may be a timely & salutary warning to some :slight_smile:

Be well

I wish you a good festive season and a better '24 than was '23

:christmas_tree: :gift::snowman:


Oooh what sort of novel? A bodice ripper, crime, horror, sci-fi? I bet with your B&B life, you could tell some interesting stories :grin:

Hi there my novel was inspired by my family history so it’s a mystery set in Shrewsbury in early 1900 . My great grand father after his wife died sailed to Canada with another woman in 1912 :rage:leaving my nan and her sisters back in Shrewsbury it’s centres around the house my nan grew up in .


Mathematician turned aerospace engineer. Activities - gardening and Labour Party activist.

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Sounds intriguing , what is the title? If you’d rather not say in public, feel free to msg me😊

Civil or military aircraft?
I used to work with the guys at Wharton if that means anything to you