Our second brain

We know that the cerebellum is called “the little brain”, but I just watched a very good programme on Amazon called The Gut: Our Second Brain. As the gut contains 200 million neurones, it made me ponder what role it plays in stroke recovery. The programme reveals what connection it has with the cerebrum, and includes fascinating details on the production of bacteria and serotonin. After stroke, doctors and physiotherapists focus on the cerebrum or the cerebellum but don’t mention what role our gut might play in helping us recover. If all these neurological centres are harmonised, surely it must play a role in rehabilitation too. Some theorise that the gut was the first brain, and helped the cerebrum evolve to what it is today.

I plan to investigate this further, and recommend the programme as viewing if you have an interest in how cognitive processes work together.


@Rups an interesting concept. It fascinates me how everything works in our bodies. My physio recently told me that they only understand about 10% of what our brain does.

Aye, and in a way, we are part of progressing that understanding through, albeit, unfortunate and undesirable circumstances.


Aye, probiotics and gut microbiota are interesting, but what really inspires me is the neurotransmission between the gut neurones and the cerebral neurones, I think this is an under-explored area with stroke. I was particularly was fascinated by the stomach acupuncture in the programme and how that connects to the brain.

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Let us know what you find out, Rups. Sounds very interesting. :thinking:

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Don’t mean to butt in, but this research came through on one of our internal networks the other day and I thought you might find it interesting: What is the link between stroke recovery and gut health? | Patient


Diolch @AshleyTH, your input is appreciated. I agree with the research, I think there is something in this. We have three brains, and I think they all should be considered post stroke. It’s astounding to think our stomach is a sentient organ :face_with_monocle:


Hi Rups,
Interesting, I also have Parkinson’s and there are various articles linking gut health to this disease and the benefits of probiotics, doesn’t work for everyone but the concept is plausible

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Aye, for me, microbiota is useful but I suspect there are other links to the gut-brain relationship that may benefit stroke recovery. I do like a research project :grinning: to keep me occupied. Sorry to hear of your Parkinson disease.