Our Best Posts on My Stroke Forum

Here is a wiki thread for links to the best posts on My Stroke Guide :slight_smile:

This is a wiki - anybody on basic trust level or above can add/ edit - please see the guidance here before editing

The contributors to my stroke guide have written some really fantastic posts over the years. They’re scattered throughout the categories and take a little discovering - This is an attempt to signpost you to the best ones that address commonly needed topics

uplifting threads

A thread about how life after stroke is better than life before stroke by @Chlodog

… And here’s another post by @chlodog that says focus on what you can do.

Another life after stroke has value and it’s enjoyable so embrace your new reality! By @Mahoney

One about how life goes on after stroke

unfolding stories…

…of mum/ wife/dad’s etc journey

If you’re trying to make sense of the world now a loved one is in hospital on the acute ward these posts show the journey others are taking (and your need to slow down!)

Help, mum 5 days post stroke covers about the first month (at time of posting)

New stroke experience likewise covers about the first month

… Of Stroke’ Impacts

A great summary of How much or how little is known and what you might find effective Medicating Central Post Stroke Pain CPSP

A very long thread on CPSP but if you’re suffering from it maybe this reading will be a distraction!

mindset post stroke

One of the best posts I’ve seen for orientation to life post stroke is by @Rups

to share with family & friends

40 things by Jill Bolte-Taylor - For those who ”don’t quite get it"

Benefits, Concessions & Assistance

This thread by @KGB starts with lots of great advice for folk in the UK and expands a little for folk elsewhere. If you find something for your geography maybe you’d put a post in that thread?

Great YouTube etc for PT’s and OTs and other therapies

Would anybody you like to add their favourites here? In a day or two I will add Elyse and Tara If others haven’t :slight_smile:

Avoiding viagra, help for erectile dysfunction & sexual fulfilment post stroke

Caring for someone

This post is a thread shows what life is like from both the perspective and of the Carer and the stroke survivors but we are all Warriors united. Carers coping methods

forum fun

Also community requires a variety of ways to engage people - everybody’s needs are not the same - One way is to provide topics that isn’t about the trials and tribulations and serious stuff about rehab. Bobbi has created a lot of posts titled forum fun which you can find with the search magnifying :mag: glass :mag_right: at the top of the page. He also has threads on his passion of cooking that can be found by searching for the hashtag kitchen


Fantastic! I wish this had been up when I was first here, but…I read so much that was helpful I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Trying to work my way through the whole site!


Can you add the best of the posts for information or inspiration or heart warming or… To the above please with a brief statement to say why they are posts that you value

And the same for everybody else a Can you please add what you found to be worthy for you ?

It can be the first post in the thread or a specific post within the thread

Thank you :slight_smile:


It would be brilliant if the forum had an official function (like the like tabs) where posts like these could be nominated by users on the forum and then put into a My Stroke Guide category with a title such as Featured Posts or something along those lines.


I think the nearest to that in the current setup is that the colour red that the font for the number of posts in a thread is determined by the proportion of likes they received.

So a thread that has a high number of likes given to the posts within it is a brighter cherry-ier red

I’ll have a look around discourse meta because there are plugins that can be added for example there’s a gameification plugin and there’s a plugin that changes the heart for a like to give a range of different icons like a thumbs up and and several others then We could maybe suggest it or perhaps I mean we could suggest it and maybe it’ll be actioned .

In the meantime you @Rups have written some posts I think going the list above and so I will be searching for them to add and I’m sure there are some that you have read by others that you could nominate into the list above - please, pretty please :slight_smile:

Ciao Simon