Ophthalmology Appointment

So today I had my appointment with orthoptics where I hoped they’d say my vision issues had resolved and they’d sign me off. Whilst the lines I had in front of my eyes have gone it seems that the Stroke has affected my left eye. I have been getting some pain in my eye when looking up or to the left which she says is because my left eye isn’t moving as it should so my right eye is over compensating which in turn is causing the pain. Also my convergence (think this was to do with double vision but not sure now) was at level 8 and it should be over 20. She said they tend to find that if it doesn’t resolve by 6 months after stroke then it is unlikely to…I’m at 5 months. I’ve got eye exercises to do and will be reviewed in 6 weeks. I know it’s not major in comparison to what some are going through but I’m feeling quite disappointed right now. :confused:

@Mahoney thank you. I will definitely keep at the exercises. There’s always hope. Might have to start tomorrow though as eye very sore tonight :grin: xx

@Loshy thank you. I think most of my disappointment is because it was totally unexpected. I was convinced they’d tell me all was ok & I didn’t need to see them again.
I’m with you on the timeframes though. Really don’t know how they can put a time on things. I shall just keep up the exercises for as long as I need to. Exercises are fast becoming a full time job :rofl::rofl:


Hi Mrs.5K- Don’t let discouragement rear its ugly head. The doc said they “tend” to find . That’s just a general average or guideline. They told me the same thing when I had my stroke. I was paralyzed on my left side. They said that the most progress would be made within the first 6 months. Well, the changes were more noticeable during that time, but I made a lot of progress during the 3 years following that! And I am still improving. Be diligent in the eye exercises. No matter what, keep working towards getting better- no matter how long it takes. image :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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@axnr911 that has made me chuckle thank you :rofl::rofl: I’m not someone who gives up easily. Tomorrow is a new day & eye exercises will be added on to the rest of my exercise programme.
I don’t know if you knew but the toothpaste cartoon is so apt as that was the 1st achievement I had following my stroke- squeezing toothpaste out the tube :grin::grin: xxx

@jane.cobley thank you Jane, that’s encouraging to hear, all the best Ann x

Hi Mrs5k my prognosis in hospital was for a good recovery what ever that means. First day out of bed was told by nurse keep scanning left as I did tour of corridors. Then had eyes scanned and tested I was so confused at this stage didn’t take in anything in. Once home thought what many of us do, that I’d been stroked again! Felt I’d been smacked on head with cricket bat and vision up creek. GP said it was anxiety and depression. Not uncommon amongst us SS. Then said you’ve been told that you have peripheral vision loss on left side from both eyes ? So booked an appointment with ophthalmologist . Nothing wrong with your eyes it’s the damage to the old noggin that’s the problem. I had a haemorrhage on the right side ,the good news is he told me your vision won’t get any worse but from my experience the type of stroke you’ve had its unusual that your vision will improve, not saying it’s impossible so stay positive. On this site read of someone whose eyes had improved over the years. So one of the first things I had to accept early on was probable permanent loss of some vision on left side. Have bittern that bullet and grateful I have enough left to get by. So now adapt and adjust. So stay positive! Best wishes Pds

@Mrs5K, I use Brock strings for double-vision exercise. I can’t say how effective they are but they are inexpensive and are said to have a high efficacy rate. These are just part of my visual-spatial rehabilitation routine. If one eye isn’t moving properly, closed eye rolling might be effective. I do this and find it very relaxing. Left-right, up and down, and then an eye roll while your eyelids are closed. Hope this helps. :grinning:

So glad to make you chuckle. We all need more laughter in our lives! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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@Pds thank you for sharing your experience. Some of it resonates with me. Yesterday was first time weakness in left eye was mentioned to me although I knew I’d had vision issues at time of stroke…I saw lots of flickering lines in front of my eyes & everything had moved left of centre. Thankfully those symptoms are much better but seem to have been replaced by yesterday’s news (in fairness probably been there since stroke just not picked up).
I always have hope so keeping fingers crossed that we all improve.

@Rups thank you for this. I will definitely look into the Brock strings. :grinning:

Hello Ann, I also have had problems with double vision but not with pains in the eyes, I am intrigued as to what eye exercises they have asked you to do. I was fitted with prisms on my glasses before I was discharged from the hospital (Feb 2021) and saw my ophthalmic consultant in April who made another referral in November which he then canceled. As you are aware of my problems with the DVLA I had to see my own GP who told me the eye consultant had discharged me, which was news to me. He then referred me back to the consultant I now have an appointment in November again so hopefully, I might get in again to get something done, so don’t be too disheartened with time constraints. Your local stroke association might have contact with an ECLO (eye clinic liaison officer) who is generally attached to your local hospital or consultant its worth asking.
kindest regards as ever

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Hi John, @bigjay57 seems like things got a bit confused with all your eye consultations. Hopefully it all goes ahead this time.
Not sure what the exercises they have given me are called but they are for convergence. They gave me a piece of card with some dots on (pic below) & I have to focus on each dot in turn (card held on end of nose). You should see a triangle form. You then focus on each dot in turn until a triangle appears. I briefly get a triangle but it soon turns into 2 lines for me.
They also said about holding a pen, focus on nib & bring towards nose until 2 pens appear.
In addition to this I was already doing some exercises for vertigo which she said to continue with as they exercise the eyes too.
I have no idea whether they would be any good for anyone else but I’m ploughing on in hope they help me.

Dear Ann thank you for the information, I remember using the dotted card but only on one occasion, I think I will go down the route of the crotchet strings. As for vertigo, I had crystal movement in my ears and the physio did a movement I believe called the particle-repositioning manoeuvre move and it cured my problem of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) it is worth looking at. The good news is I finally got my driving license yesterday.
best wishes as always



@bigjay57 great news that you got your driving licence John. Freedom here you come :grin:
I have heard of the crystal movement thing. There seem to think my dizziness is VOR related (vestibular ocular reflex).

I got to thinking about your comment. What a great accomplishment that was when you could again squeeze a tube of toothpaste. I know how good you must have felt. But look at all you can do now. It is amazing how we can progress when it seems that everything is so HARD right after the stroke. I thank my brain and body every day for all it has accomplished. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

@axnr911 Hi Jeanne, thank you for your lovely comments. It is great isn’t it when we can see some progression. I will never forget the toothpaste moment as was my first post stroke achievement. I too am grateful every day for each little thing.
Best wishes
Ann xx :heart::hugs:

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