Only recently had my stroke

Hi everyone just thought I'd leave a message. Had my stroke a week ago and still in hospital. Am only 49 and thought far to young for this to happen. Really scared right now and not sure what's happening. Would love to hear from anyone about what to expect and so I don't feel so alone. Thanks for reading this.

Welcome to the club no-one wants to join.Unfortunately no-one is too young or too fit to hve a stroke. Right now the doctors should be finding out why you had a stroke and preventing another.I think you are doing well to be posting one week in. I had atroke at 32 and one week in I was still in a coma. Even when I came round my head was too mesed up to do anything like posting.

Keepm in touch


Hi KMc, welcome to our forum. We all find the early stages of stroke scary and bewildering. Mine was five years ago and it felt at first like an out of body experience. I felt anxious and powerless. Basically, the first week or so you just lie there powerless as you are stabilised medically. However, even during that stage the brain will start to make new pathways to repair the damage done.

At some point you will start physio to get you to stand and transfer to a chair. You will then be encouraged to stand and walk a little, probably with a frame. Then physio starts in earnest. You will need to call on all the determination you have to move forward. Recovery is a very slow process, far slower than we survivors would wish.

In the early stages of recovery you may become very emotional and cry for no reason...or you might have mood swings and feel irritated. Try to see these as all part of the recovery process. You will also have to accept that your life might not be the same as it was before, but it can still be enjoyable.

My friends on her will advise you mortem but that's enough from me for now.

Dear KMc

so sorry to learn of you having a stroke.

I was 68 years old and the stroke came out the blue. It was 13th December. Went to bed ready to pack to go to family for Christmas. Woke up unable to move other than right arm.

in to dedicated resus at hospital. Next bed was a girl aged six. It can get anyone, including unborn babies.

i believe that the first four weeks are critical. Get past the first month and you should then be safe. A long long recovery follows.

your first pointers include the medics deciding you are medically clear. That can be any day soon. The stroke team then decide when you are safe to go home or to move in to rehab.

when you can transfer unaided then that is a massive move. Transfer can mean from bed to chair. 

You are almost certainly going to be tired, like never before. Go with it. Dont fight it. Your brain is going through an attempt to recover damaged brain cells plus a longer term pricedure when it re wires itself around the permanently dead cells. Medical terminology is neuroplasticity.Your brain wants most of your body to close down for repairs.

as i lay in the hospital bed, unable to move, i tried to wiggle every digit and move every muscle. I spent hours doing just that. My physical recovery was subsequently fast and i walked long before most.

do ask anything. We are here to help.