Only a week ago

i was taken into A&E a week ago after a stroke.  I was only in hospital 2 days, had a brain MRI and an ECG, but they couldnt keep me or do more tests because of the virus.  very little advice about what to expect, i had weakness in left arm and leg, and some very weird sensations in mouth and jaw.  Was beginning to feel a lot better yesterday, but woke up this morning with arm and leg feeling a lot worse, no strength at all, and mouth distinctly odd as well, feel like i have deteriorated overnight, just wondered if this was normal, and anyone ele’s experience so early on.  I know its likely to be a long process.....

thanks for any advice

marion (in France)

Marion, Welcome to our forum. I am sorry that your stroke has occurred during the pandemic. All strokes affect the individual in different ways, but I can identify with some of your experiences. Post stroke, most of us have good days and bad days. My stroke affected the whole of my left side and the left side of my face felt odd, although I had no facial droop, but an odd sensation across half my lips, my left cheek, eye socket and part of my forehead. Even the inside of my mouth felt odd on the left side. As my brain re-wired these started to improve, especially my lips.

Stroke makes our brains super aware of our bodies. In the end I accepted this oddness and carried on. Good luck.

Hi, in addition to John's comment, I think you need to be checked by a stroke specialist, as you have experienced some considerable deterioration.  I know the focus is on the ? currently, but these early days in stroke recovery need to be properly managed, as they impact on your longer term recovery.  If you haven't already done so, you need to get medical help, (in my opinion, but I'm only a carer), you need to have reassurance that your post-stroke needs are being met.  

Take care, very best wishes, xx

Dear Marion

Sorry to hear aboutyour stroke. Yes is a shock to the system.Youn do need to get checked again urgently as you may have experienced anothere stroke as this can happen with a few weeks of the other. Keep persevering its a long process. I had my stroke in March this year and immediately went into lockdown so support after has been difficult. GP support is awful but keep persevering and they will help you, The stroke forum is avery good way of finding information to help. I am still recovering and have to accept that each day is different. Keep going it will improve and you are not alone. Reorita



Looks like I may have to follow your lead the numb face burning cheek Nd painful EU socketarr probably wothi me long term sadly