Online 'me & my stroke' sessions

I thought folks might be interested in the below email from the stroke association online team of Nicola and Lisa Cos I know we’ve had a fair few people recently made their first post and so for fairly new to the forum and quite a few of said they were the stroke in the last few months

”Hi all,

Me & My Stroke block of 4 week sessions starts Wednesday 5 July at 11.30am. If you have not attended one before, get in touch to book your place.

It’s a great way to learn about stroke and can help you to understand more about effects and recovery, by talking to others and sharing your experiences.

Below is some information about what we talk about and what to expect:

Week 1

What is a stroke? - Learn about stroke and recovery. Discover how the Stroke Association can help you

Week 2

Hidden effects of stroke (Part 1 – Fatigue, memory and thinking) we share tips and ideas of ways to manage your own stroke effects as well as finding out where to get help

Week 3

Hidden effects of stroke (Part 2 – Emotional and behaviour changes) Talk about your own experiences or listen to others. Pick up tips and ideas from each other about ways to manage your stroke effects and find out where to get help

Week 4

Communication - Find out more about when stroke affects communication. Talk about your own experiences. Tell us how you would like to be supported or how you can support your loved ones. Find out about available aids and support with communication

We want you to feel at ease. The sessions are informal. They last between 1hr to 11/2 hrs, so please bring drinks, or snacks, take as many breaks as you want or you are welcome to leave the session early if you feel tired.

As much as we give you information about stroke. We welcome your input and encourage you to talk about your own experiences with each other. If you do not feel confident to talk, it’s okay to listen and take things at your own pace. Just so you know, we never directly nominate or ask someone to talk.

We look forward to hearing from you

All the best

Nicola & Lisa



Hi Simon,

Thanks very much for posting that!

To join Me and My Stroke you need to first be a member of Online Activities.

You can sign-up to Online Activities by clicking here Online Stroke Activities Hub | Stroke Association and filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to meeting our new members!


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