Online 'Cafes' thursdays

I’m hosting a online ‘cafe’ tomorrow Thu 12th from 13:00gmt via zoom
The simple short link (to avoid a mile long set of gobbeldygook) is

Its a regular every other Thursday. (The ‘other’ thu is at 11am hosted by another strokie/ #strokeWarrior - pick the term u prefer.

No agenda, just sharing.
My wife will host a carers from next week on every other Wed 10:30 to start - but im happy to host anyone who arrives :slight_smile:


We’ll do the same in 2 weeks the 26th. Jan
The Regulars came :slight_smile: (Stuart whose on the Scottish voices lived experience advisory group & several other people. Everyone chooses how much t RChey listen Vs speak and we’re all fine with that
We had Maureen drop in, she’s the SA ’guru’ on this portal - I’m led to believe :slight_smile:

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It’s in the diary! Presuming it is 1pm again?

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