ongoing oddities

i had a stroke six months ago i was doind odd things i had to lrarn to walk again and eat  and dress.i am much better now my queery is i am doing things that are new i forgot how to wash my face today had no problem with this since my stroke is this related to my stroke or something else there are i few other things but nothing serious

Personally, I do not think it Stroke related unless there are a number of things you forget. To cheer you up, and this is true, this morning I put my underpants on inside out.

have you heard of the metal taste in the mouth i heard this is for life every thing i eat tastes of metal it is awful cant even enjoy a cuppa.any suggestions

Hi yes I get that but not all the time, I carry a packet of Juicy Fruit gum, so when its bad I chew on that, cant say it would be good to do before a cuppa!!!! Wendy

thanks for that wendy apparently its for life horrible i lost my ability to write so excuse lack of commas and caps xxx

At least they weren't on back to front!!  ? ?