One year on

As we are all no doubt away every 5 minutes in the UK someone suffers a stroke. One year ago today I became one of those 100,000 people. I was lucky, my wife had just come home for lunch and was able to call an ambulance and thankfully for myself and my family the fast actions of the paramedics and the fantastic team of Dr’s and nurses at Furness General Hospital I survived and thankfully recovered both physically and mentally.
I am forever grateful for those that saved my life and those, including people on this forum and the stroke association who provided support during those dark days.
I now feel it is pay back time to those who provide much needed support to fellow Stroke Survivors and their families, to do this I am raising much needed funds for the association by running the London marathon.
It would be amazing if you could help this cause by donating anything you can.
I have attached my just giving link thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support



@Mullini wow, running the London Marathon 1 year after your stroke. I am in awe. I hope it goes well for you & enjoy (if that’s the right word) the race.

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Hi, thank you I hope I enjoy it more than the running in the dark and cold training for it…:joy:


Incredible! I’m going through my own personal difficulties of dealing with my own stroke and recovery, some 7 months on.
But when I read things like this it gives me huge boost and belief that I can go back to the person I was
Wishing you all the best!!!:clap::+1::+1::+1:

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Keep going, the worst part for me was coping mentally which when I was physically strong enough to start, the running helped with. Go at your own pace but believe you are going to get better… Good luck be strong

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