One year in (2nd time)

Second stroke or TIA (Don’t know as no one has explained) just befor Christmas 2021. Overnight in hospital after my wife dialled 999 and placed into “Plaster Room” in a chair with blanket and pillow. Scanned for brain bleed (negative result) and told next morning to collect meds from hospital pahermacy on second floor when I could hardly walk. Go home yourself was the instruction in my pyjamas and no shoes and no transport. Had to use a taxi for the 35 mile trip to home at my expense (£50) and since then no follow up. One year on and I am now so weak I can barely stand and always dizzy. No improvement - getting worse. No Doctor to see me at surgery - just keep taking the pills is the telephone advice and no offer of an appointment. Feel as though I will be dead soon and not see my 82 birthday next April. No help groups here in cottish Borders. No seems to want to give advice or help. What can I do? Help please anyone?


Welcome to our forum. So sorry to hear of your stroke and the appalling treatment you have received. I would suggest getting straight onto Adult Social Services, to establish if they can put some sort of package into place. Do you have any family or friends to help out until the authorities can get you the help you need.

Also, definitely worth giving the Stroke Association Helpline a call as soon as possible.

I hope you get some help sorted.

Take care. Regards Sue

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@douglassewell welcome to the forum. Dorry to hear you’ve been treated so badly.

You really should have had dome follow up. I would go to your GP & start pestering as @Loshy has said. The Stroke Association is also a good place for advice. Number provided by @Loshy

You could also try PALS at your hospital. You can complain to them & they should look into your case. Have a look at the link below to see how they can help you.

Hope you get something sorted soon.

Best wishes


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