One whole hour

On the exercise bike for an hour clocked up 5.4 miles and burnt312 calories.

Wel pleased , capable of more


Excellent. Keep going.

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Excellent @mrfrederickson you’re doing really well.

Oh well done @mrfrederickson thats a fabulous achievement :clap::clap:

@mrfrederickson and anyone else.

That’s the way ! !
I think one of the big problems about stroke starts in hospital, continues when you get home and holds you back.

That problem is inactivity. You start to lose strength, stamina, co-ordination and confidence. Exercise can only help as you make gains and recover some of what you have lost.
I’m sure, as you continue, you can only make meaningful progress.

As I say, for myself as much as anyone else,

keep on keepin’ on.



Thanks one and all I find my exercise bike work out gives me better mobility and strengthen my left side more strength, the increasing distance is a feel good factorboosted by increasing the distance and calories, it’s all a ei win

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Sounds like progress @mrfrederickson. Keep going :+1: Julia x

When do SS say to them selves, I’m sorted I have a viable life not the same as before but bloody close, no one conveys that in their annual stroke recovery update s

Dissatisfaction with how things are today is owned, at times by everyone, those affected by stroke but also those who are not. It is what drives us to make changes, seek improvements, try to advance, to get things done, to achieve.

On the other hand, satisfaction allows us to enjoy our successes and the success of others.

Satisfaction, dissatisfaction, there is room for them both. They don’t exist together at the same time, but both have their place.

Perhaps that is enough of this philosophising.
Getting on with living is that what it is about?

What do you do with an whole hour? Will it leave you satisfied or dissatisfied?

Keep on keepin’ on


. . . or maybe,
keep on thinkin’



Well done. Keep going

@mrfrederickson Brilliant this massively helped my recovery, I bought an exercise bike with the determination of getting back on my road and hybrid bikes. I am now riding my bikes well, just a struggle with a right hand turn without stopping as my left arm shakes when the right hand signals :joy: not good! Initially I couldn’t get up on my pedals going up hill but practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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