One handed clock repair

Just finished a really fiddly repair reattaching my fob watches second hand with tweezers and a glass face removal.
All worked with my wife in supporting role

Proper happy as I love the old watch and the local market repair chap wanted to charge me £75 which I discovered was more than it was worth.


Yay well done Mark. I bet that was very satisfying & money saving too - bonus!

Well done :+1:
Dexterity returning?

Yes Mrs5k, it was a bonus Sunday treat right before I went out and finished my car cleaning with a wheel and tyre cleaning and side tyre dressing al ready to polish it when we get a decent day


@mrfrederickson excellent and such a delicate job to do. Which side is your affected side? Unfortunately for me my dominant side is my right side and it is the stroke side. I would have an awful time trying to do what you did with my left hand. Good on ye mate.

Hi outlander

My dominant side is the right side the stroke has affected the left side arm hand and leg plus sensory processing. I agre my left side was no use so my wife did some holding and stability support while I used the tweezers to trot the second hand and strai the minute hand .

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Well done you :clap: Very satisfying and saved some money too, even better. Sounds like some team work going on, with your wife helping out, great joint effort.
Keep up the good work.
Regards Sue

Thanks Susan

The poor watch was bounced by our rough removal firm dislodging the second hand and bending the minute hand, so I decided it was not worth the repair cost and it was fox it or buy new so I decided to mount a repair shop approach and here we are all done and back in use.


Don’t you just love it when you get to that level of satisfaction by also making a big saving out of it. Well done :grin:

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Yes it is a great up lift. I now have a dilemma as I bought a damaged 1904 leather bible on eBay that needs £420 to be spent on it to repair it, some contemplating needed as it only cost£25

I wil look to see what an Iundamaged copy costs

The appeal was the age, 104 years old.
And it’s pictures are stunning, difficult choices


Well how about taking up book binding?

It will certainly give you lots of opportunities to extend one and a half or one and a quarter hands to what are normally two-handed operations!

I assume your 420 quid is because the front or back board has come off so you need to take The pages out of the covers and then reattach everything?

I have a several 19th C books w/ the same expensive problem - I also have a book binding press but I am deficient most of the other equipment and the skills


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Yes Simon the front cover is separated from the book the cost includes removal of the pages a new spine and recover of the front and back plus reattached clasps, is it worth it probably not hence it was on eBay the advice is any bible 1800 to 2000 is worthless older than 180 depending upon the version.
So it’s purely for personal reasons and deep pockets.