Once again, Bobbi's Blog 5 is published

Here it is, fresh from my notepad.

I hope you enjoy this small offering.
All the one finger left hand typing is finally ready to be seen.
Here is my fifth bit of writing.
it is now out there.

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Bobbi’s Blog 5

Many thanks to Alex, Clement who has left us now and all you others, for your much appreciated encouragement.

The words of support I have received have been a real motivator.

Also, I must say this,

I’ve enjoyed producing this fifth episode of the Blog, but without ‘you lot’ who share your forum with me I’d not have had a direction or a purpose.

I always look forward to what you have to say as we share our stories in this Online Community Forum.

In case you are late to the party,
and want to take a look,
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Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

comments on the bottom are very welcome
(that does conjure an image, I know)


Awesome read Bobby :smile: How long ago was it that you made that epic climb? Bet you’re up and down those stairs like a fiddlers elbow now :laughing: Seriously though, my mind still unravels when it comes to sorting out the tech stuff. I still have to leave it to my hubby or son; I envy you.

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Hi Bobbi, a great read as always. I can just imagine Hilary’s face when you took those first steps up the stairs. I’d have had no nails left watching you, But alls well that ends well and I bet that led to many more excursions to remind yourself what the upstairs looked like :grin:


It’s more than a holding of my breath, it’s a close eyes and hope nothing goes wrong. If he falls over or loses balance on the stairs what happens then, does he become Humpty Dumpty?
He had a fall on Thursday, luckily not on the stairs. Up to now there are no bruises but every time he moves I can see the pain, he can defo feel it.
It’s a learning experience. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I’ve put my poor hubby through so much of that now, im surprised his hair hasn’t turned snow white yet😰 …but it’s getting there😅


Oh no. Hope Bobbi recovers quick from his fall. I bet you spend a lot of time closing your eyes & not looking.

Best wishes to you both


Well here’s my comment on your bottom, sorry - on the bottom. It’s great Bobbi, to be able to write and a true gift, so well done you! Take care, Bert


thank you

. . . and the saga continues. I poked a bulging ceiling in the kitchen with my walking stick and now I’m sat in a sodden dressing gown.
The plumber is flooded with work and has promised to try to be with us before morning.(if that fancy piece he met down the pub this evening will let him go)
So it’s dig out the big pans and try to catch the drip drip drip. After the last plumbers visit we were left without a stopcock and promises not kept.

Life and the dripping goes on.

The words “I don’t believe it” are struggling to emerge from my Meldrew mind.

The plumber’s been and gone, at long last. It’s 1.00 am I won’t be baking bread. A couple of new taps sorted the problem and its now just a question of letting the leaked water dry up or drip out.

Here’s to a bright new day for the morrow.


Oh my @Bobbi you shouldn’t poke ceilings with walking sticks. It never ends well :face_with_spiral_eyes: glad the plumber has sorted the issue now. At least you won’t need your swimming gear today :grin:


I enjoy all your blogs @Bobbi, cooking amazing pies and then rewiring the internet. When my cat Horace extends his body up to my knees when sitting, and massages his claws into my knees, purring like a locomotive. I imagine you must feel when achieving these things. Do you get fed afterwards? :grin:


@Rups well last night we had a supermarket Chinese dinner with the online shopping delivery. It was half way decent.
I don’t get out these days though last night I had a dream.
Not quite sure where I was but ready to head home. I didn’t appear to be suffering the effects of stroke but I did seem to have lost my car keys, couldn’t get in the car and wasted a lot of dream trying to recover the misplaced jangly things.
My brain does like to play games with me.

Thanks for the much appreciated comment. I enjoy the writing but hearing it has an appreciative audience gives encouragement that I value.

heh heh

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:


I bet you’ll find a nice new frogman’s outfit under the Christmas Tree this year @Bobbi :rofl:


Keep writing your blogs Bobbi, they are appreciated. You tell it as it is and have it nicely balanced with a bit of humour. Life after a stroke can get very heavy, serious and maudlin for some. Your approach to this new way of life shows that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A friend of mine was in hospital a few weeks back and he frequently walked the corridors for exercise. His doctor came across him one day and asked where he thought he was going. To which Jim replied, I’m going to catch me a nurse. The nurse accompanying the doctor asked what he’d do with the nurse when he caught her. Jim thought about that for a moment and said "well, I don’t really know, it’s been 40 odd years since I caught the last one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The minute he told me that tale I thought of you :smile:

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There is a little more, due out maybe a day or two before New Years eve, or even at the beginning of the year, I don’t control the publishing, so when these things appear it is a surprise for me too.

Rest assured, though. there is something waiting there to appear in the light of a new day.

Many thanks for your kind comments. It always pleases me when I hear that my writing has been worth the effort. I too hope there will be more. Life has chucked enough at me to provide material for yet more stories, thoughts and so on.

The forum membership here has been kind and responsive and I am always happy to dig for something new to share.

Thanks EmeraldEyes and those others who have offered support and encouragement.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

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