On the up!

Hi all, I haven’t been on here for a while but after a busy couple of weeks I have some really positive news and thought I’d share for those of you who are where I was 8 months ago.

I had a stroke back at the end of March. I’m 43 (42 at the time) a part time primary school teacher, wife and mum to 2 young children and a lively dog! Physically there was absolutely nothing wrong with me until I had a bubble echo and a pfo was discovered.

I was lucky, the stroke didn’t have any obvious physical effects on me. The worst things have been the fatigue and a difficulty in coping in noisy, demanding situations. This has meant that I haven’t yet returned to work - although I was fortunate to get voluntary redundancy and time to reassess.

So, where am I now. For anyone out there who is like me, it does get better. Not daily, it’s slower than that, I chart things monthly. I would say I am now back to about 95% of where I was most of the time, 85% if I get cocky and over do it. I have been volunteering in our local primary school and this week was asked if I’d like to apply to regular supply work there... yes please! I may not be ready for a class of my own and the paperwork but I am able to do a day of supply here and there.

Finally, I went to see the cardiologist today, ready to put forward my argument for a pfo repair. No argument was needed! The funding is there and I was advised that the repair is far better for me than another 50 years on blood thinners. So 2020 is going to be a new start - new job, fixed heart and gradual improvement until hopefully, one day, I won’t be feeling the twitch in my eye that signals another fatigue attack is coming on. 

Things do get better, there are happy endings. A complete change of direction for me but I am far happier with my new life. Look for and celebrate the positives and the small stuff. They are there xxx

That's wonderful news and so encouraging for people who have the same problem as yourself. The fatigue does get better slowly over time. I'm glad the school have been supportive for you and, in time, you may be able to take on a class of your own.  I agree with you about the noise! I've never been a teacher but just the thought of going into a classroom full of kids and the noise kids make fills me with dread!  Keep in touch and let us know how the op goes. Take care x

Good for you, Janey CH.

A positive outlook will get you through almost anything, even something as grim as Stroke. I never forget that I could have been long-dead by now  but instead still have my children, friends and family and most of all - me.

Keep on enjoying your journey onwards and upwards smiley