On a downer

On Saturday morning I had to have beloved dog put to sleep, although she was 16 years old she was fine when she went to bed in the morning her back end would work, she was everything to me she saw me though my strokes and been by my side every day. I live at home alone so now the house seems empty I hate it. When speaking to the vet she said it could well have been a stroke she had and a clot has lodged somewhere.RIP my best friend xx

Must been a very tough day for you. Although it's no consultation at the moment when it feels less raw you will 16 years of beautiful and amazing memories to re-live. Keep strong and hang in there. 

Hi Gina

So sorry for your loss. ?

My dog is nearly 15 and has been through all my ups and downs over the years.I dread the day when anything happens to him.

Think of all the happy times you have had together over the years and cherish the memories.

Time is a great healer and in time you may find a new friend. I did because the house was so empty - I hated it. But when I lost my horse I couldn't face having another 

Take care.

Rach x


Dear Gina

So sorry to hear of your loss.

I adore my cat who adopted me just 14 months ago and he has helped me during my stroke recovery period. Always there for me and asks for nothing. He doesnt think of me as a stroke survivor, he just accepts me as his friend and keeper. I dont know how I would cope if it was my cat that had died.

Thinking of you lots



Hi Gina - That's such sad news, 16 years is a long time, and sure you will feel very empty and lonely, that's understandable.  It sounds as though it was all very sudden, so you have a lot to come to terms with.  My husband had to have his dog put to sleep about 6 weeks after his stroke, and I know he'd love another dog.  

Your dog was very lucky to have you, and you'll never replace her, but maybe in time you will feel that you could give a home to another dog who may need a companion themselves.  Pets certainly are a good distraction, particularly during the difficult days. 

Take care and try to remember the good times.  Let us know how you get on xx

hi, sounds like it was fast, at least. we've had some traumatic long lasting suffering losses of pets, 16 is a good age, treasure the pictures!

So very sorry for your loss

So sorry xx