Oh dear

Just to let my friends on here know that, after four years, I have had a mild second stroke....a clot this time. At first they thought I hadn't but did an MRI scan to make sure and discovered the clot. Hopefully, only in for one night.

Dear John, so sorry to hear that news.  Hope that you are receiving best treatment and good care.  Thinking of you, and sending best wishes to keep you safe.  Thinking of Chris too, he must be worried.  

Hope you'll soon be home, much love, Nic xx

So sorry to hear your news John. I know you'll bounce back from this with your usual resilience. I've benefited from your advice since I had the stroke 2 years ago and know we'll all be here for you. 
Onward and upwards. 

With my best wishes


Thank you. It seems to be a mild one, so I hope to be home tomorrow. All I knew yesterday was that something about my left hand wasn't quite right.That seems the only part affected.

Thank you Ann. It does appear to be mild. At first the doctor thought it wasn't but they did an MRI scan o make sure. Apparently the bleed from four years ago has completely healed. Am already trying to get the weak hand back into action.

Keep us posted.  All good wishes, Nic

My prayers are for you today and I wish you a gentle few days


Thank you Colin. They have said it's mild and caused by a clot this time. Noticed my weak arm odd yesterday. Came to A&E and after examination it was thought not to be a stroke, but they took an MRI scan just to be sure....and found it was. Heigh Ho. A&E very stringent re Covid protective measures.

Best wishes for your recovery x

Sorry to hear this John but you did right to act on your instincts and glad to hear you got help immediately.  Sending you all my best wishes - Brenda x

Thank you Brenda. The good news is I am going home today. After three detailed scans they have found out this episode was caused by a very small clot, but enough to affect the lower weak arm and hand. The old bleed stroke has healed from four years ago and my neck arteries are good for someone of my age.

The affected area has improved radically by taking aspirin. I am being put on a blood thinner tablet to prevent another episode. Have already being doing exercises on my ward twice a day.

i am also a Covid free because they test everyone coming into hospital and have strict safety procedures in place. No one should let fear prevent them from seeking medical help.

That's good news all round. Guess it will be someone else's turn to cook dinner for a while! x

Speedy recovery.

Not really haha. I need a good sleep, because you never get one in hospital. However, Saturday's regression has almost been reversed after only four aspirin! I will have to step up exercising that arm and hand for a while but, remarkably, the improvement was quite quick, perhaps due to so much exercise since the first stroke. Anyway, apart from that I am glad I went.

You also get tested for the virus on entry and hygiene and social distancing cannot be faulted...plus they were able to tell me my first bleed stroke area was completely healed. Feeling blessed.


So sorry to hear another stroke has bitten you. As Colin  would say.

Give it hell. Hope you get well soon. Top marks for acting quickly. 

Thinking of you and your partner stay safe and get well.

Kay x



Thank you Kay. Back home after two nights in hospital. Very minor stroke, but scary none the less. Tested for the virus on admission and found virus free. Limited impact and, after three aspirin, mostly reversed.

Fantastic news!

Keep up the good work 


Ha - I'll second that - it's like trying to sleep in the middle of the M1 in hospital!  It's good to know that all your hardwork has paid off and even better, you now have peace of mind that your first stroke affected area is now completely healed.  Enjoy your ZZZZZZzzzzzz! Take care x

Thank you. Slept like a log last night. My first night in hospital was fine, but at 10pm on the second night they brought in a man with a massive bleed on the brain. Within seconds our room was full of medics fighting to stabilise him. This went on till 1.30am when they transferred him to Coventry Hospital for an emergency brain scan. We didn't get to sleep till 2am and I was woken up for a blood sugar test at 5.15am because,obviously, the emergency took precedence over my late night blood sugar test.

Witnessing this event made me realise our NHS staff are real heroes. A couple of the nurses saving him have already had Covid. Ah well, your pseudonym sums it all up...onwards and upwards!

 morning john

 picked up your posts yesterday and just Wanted to send my best wishes. I really feel for you after  all the years of hard work you've done in recovering from the first catastrophe.   second event is every survivor's worst nightmare, and gnaws away at many of us.  over the years I have followed and contributed to this forum like you 4 years now, you have been a source of great encouragement to many for which I personally am very grateful. I m sure you will receive many warm wishes and solidarity from your remote friends.   I am sorry you had to wind up in hospital again. but once again you survived!   you have shown us your great reserves of resilience determination,good humour, generosity and faith.  I don't envy you the challenge you face now but  will be with you in spirit, I hope you can keep telling us your story.  it seems you are still able to do that.  Will look forward to hearing about the next installment   of the perils of JJ.

 Wwith love and hope