Odd reaction to coffee

This is a strange one and I just wondered if anybody else has had a similar thing happen. I drink a couple of coffees a day and everything was fine until yesterday. And now it’s happened today. Coffee is suddenly producing a burning tingling sensation like a chilli pepper on my lips. It tastes fine, just this sensation like I’ve been sucking on a hot chilli. Very odd😳


I’ve not had that but do find that coffee doesn’t taste the same anymore.

Have you changed your coffee brand? Very weird.


@Mrs5K no, not changed anything. It don’t worry me to much and I do eat and enjoy a lot of spicy food, it’s just as you say, very weird. I thought at first msybe my wife had handled the cup after cutting chillis but she says no.


Well it’s certainly answered a question for me even though I wasn’t looking for one :laughing: I’ve experienced similar myself over the years for one reason or another.
But I think my current problem is due to my aphasia, I frequently get a tingling in my mouth…tongue/throat/lips, that sort of thing.

But you might like to google Burnt Mouth Syndrome and here’s one such site that answered a few “wonders” I’ve had in the past Burning Mouth Syndrome: Causes, Treatment & Symptoms


Has this affected the mince pie / Bakewell tart testing regime¿?

If you need an alternate tester I can let you know the address to send it to…:slight_smile:

Emeralds article would suggest that neurological causes would not be too much to imagine either

I hope it does not become a problem for you



@EmeraldEyes I’ve had tingling sensation on both sides of my tongue together with dryness since my endarterectomy. I put it down to cranial nerve damage which they warn you about. Various cranial nerves are cut during the operation.

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@SimonInEdinburgh No, not at all. The pie was/is delicious and went very well with some homemade custard. I took a couple of photos before the testing. I can ask Cook for the recipe if anybody wants to try it


:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:Oooo yes please I’d like the recipe. Would definitely like to give it a try.


Any problems with the recipe let me know and I’ll speak to cook :slightly_smiling_face:

Bakewell Christmas Tart

Pastry base.

250g Plain flour

75g Caster sugar

125g Cold butter, diced

1 large or 2 small eggs, lightly beaten.

Grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon

Mix flour & sugar. Add butter & rub in until like breadcrumbs (I use food mixer for this bit).

Pour in egg and lemon zest.

Gently form into dough and avoid overworking.

Wrap in cling film and rest in fridge for at lest 1hour

Heat oven to 180 & grease an 8inch flan tin.

Roll the pastry between 2 pieces of cling film (stops it sticking without additional flour),

Line flan case & bake blind for 15 mins. Remove baking beans or whatever you’ve used & bake for a further 5 mins. Set aside to cool.

Meanwhile mix topping.


120g caster sugar

125g ground almonds

1 egg, lightly beaten

½ tsp almond extract ( optional)

50g flaked almonds

Melt butter with sugar in medium sizes saucepan.

Mix in ground almonds & essence & egg

When cool cover pastry base with approx. ½ jar mincemeat.

Top with almond mix and garnish with flaked almonds.

Bake at 180 for 30 mins.

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Fab thank you. It looks very tasty so will definitely try it out once I’ve bought all tye ingredients.

Thank you

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