Nursing Care and POA

Hi, my Mam had a stoke at the end of March and is currently in the local rehabilitation unit.

We've been told that she's not made sufficient progress and must be moved to a Nursing Home which has been something of a shock and we're worried about funding this, in particular her losing her house (the value of which takes here past the £23k threshold for which you'd have to contribute to/fund your own care and which I currently also live in) against what the Council will claim as her/our contribution to her care. We've been told the NHS will also contribute due to her requring ongoing Nursing.

I'm considering moving out so that my salary and savings don't also go into the  assessment but this will also mean the house will be empty. It's owned equally by mother and father, so we understand a lien would most likely be raised against the property and they'd claim monies back when/if the house is sold.

Currently, whilst we believe she's lucid and aware of her surroundings, she is paralysed down the right side (she is right handed) and is unable to speak, so we also need to get a Power of Attorney in order to move forward.

Would anyone have any experience of either of these situations and be able to let us know how this worked for them please?




Hi Ross,

I'm so sorry to hear about this. While I haven't had much experience in this myself, I do know the Stroke Helpline could help you to talk through this situation and signpost to the most relevant information and support. You can email them at or call them on 0303 30 33 100. The Stroke Helpline is open Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-6pm and Saturday 10am-1pm.

You might also find it helpful to look at the Money Advice Service website. This has information about a range of topics including how the means test for care costs works. Please see below:

Hope this is quite helpful? I hope you find the right help and support!

Best wishes,