Left side numbness in the face happens when I go through the effort of walking or making my left arm do anything
I am under the impression this is to do with my damaged sensory cortex from the stroke.anyone had this referred affliction it is stopping my walking and any exertion

Thanks Lorraine I am suggesting it’s all about my broken sensory cortex which was affected by the stroke hence left so paralysis

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@mrfrederickson i don’t know but it couldn’t be hecause of the effort you put into walking? Not sure I’ve explained that well. If i try too hard I get a bit anxious which in turn often gives me a tingling sensation in my head/face. It’s not numb but sometimes people say numb but still have a bit of a feeling. I wonder though if you should check with the medical people.

The face left side and mouth become tingly anwork les well like my cheek or upper lip. I am not sure the medical people will have a clue, my own deductions are more valid so I will have to suck it ip

@mrfrederickson i’m not sure if it is similar but I sometimes get seemingly random shoots of tingle or pain in various parts of my right (affected) side. Sometimes trying to wiggle toes produces a sympathetic movement in fingers on the same side.
I don’t know if anyone knows, I don’t, but I put it down to the first signs of activity/possibly repair work in the affected parts of my brain. I think it is a positive, encouraging sign.

Hi @mrfrederickson the right hand side of my face including my lip are often burning and tingly (as is my foot and hand sometimes).

The face and lip activity has increased whereas the foot and hand has decreased since I’ve been taking Pregabalin for the past month or so.

IT may be worth mentioning to your GP and I hope you find something to help :pray:

Mr F, After my stroke I had numbness and tingling on parts of the left side of my face. These went in time. When in doubt ask your gp about it.

The same thing happens to me. It used to affect my eye and my cheekbone, but it has eased off over the years and now I just get numbness in my bottom lip on my affected side when I exercise hard. It used to feel as though someone was pulling a string in the top of my head, making everything on my right side numb or sore.

Thanks I assume d it was time served for all the sensory recovery aspects. Just a very long time circa eight years

Thanks I have lost count of the involuntarily weird movement my body makes post strok it shows me I have strength in my bad limbs and the body can move them just the brain needs to make sense and heal

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Hi Mark, I’m 6 months into my stroke journey and I suffer from slight numbness of the LH side of my face which always seems worse when I’ve been overdoing things and am getting tired. It feels like the side of my face has dropped though it hasn’t visibly changed. It soon recovers after I’ve rested and now recognise it as a sign to chillout and slow things down.

My left side is similarly affected , walking or exercise bike gives me a frozen left side numb cheek andlip