Numbness on right side is still severe!

hello everybody,

i will try not to give you my life history, here is a brief description of what has happened to me, I'm desperate to hear from anyone with the same kind of symptoms..

im 45yrs old and woke up 6weeks ago with numbness and pins and needles from the top of my head to my waist on the right side of my body, as a midwife of 23yrs I thought because I had no other symptoms I didn't go to hospital until the next day!

CT scan was negative and all other tests normal except very high blood pressure, I was allowed home the next day and returned for an MRI 7 days later as I was still completely numb, this confirmed a small infarct in the thalamus.

since then I've started medication for high blood pressure and clopidegrol, all the relevant tests have been normal the consultant was confident that my symptoms will get better and the numbness is temporary!!

However 6 weeks later the numbness and heavy feeling is no better at all, I have full use and movement of my arm but sometimes the heavy numb feeling is so intense I can't quite explain what it feels like it's truly horrible!

Will I be like this forever!!!

Hi there. My stroke was two and a half years ago and resulted in left side weakness. Although things have improved and I have reasonable mobility in my weak arm and hand, I have what feels like a permanently frozen left shoulder. This gets to feel heavier as evening approaches. I have learnt to live with it. It doesn’t affect the mobility I have in this arm and shoulder, but is frustrating. It may get better, who knows?

Hi there,

Thankyou for taking the time to reply, your absolutely right, only time will tell I suppose I think that's the first lesson I need to learn

Thanks x


ive just come across your post whilst searching for answers. I'm 47 & suffered the same as you with the same symptoms. I've just noticed that you posted this 2 years ago. Have you recovered? I would be very grateful to hear from you. 
thanks so much