Numbness in side of face?

Hi I had my left sided stroke a year ago I had numbness and tingling in left side of face, left hand and left foot at the time. I would still get tingling in hand and foot when I exercising but recently I have started getting numbness in my face a couple of times every day. Has anyone else experienced this???

Hi - I had a mini stroke last year on my right side of the brain which affected my left side of my mouth and hand.  My mouth was numb and tingling when I was eating and my left hand went completely numb.  I also get a tingling arm and leg when exercising but on my right side so I know it's not my stroke but just the nerves being super sensitive.  If you are getting the numbness in your face, I would ring your GP and ask for it to be checked out.  Mine took 3 days or so for it to completely go but only when my meds were changed after I had an MRI scan at hospital confirming the TIA.

I wouldn't hesitate as time is of the essence.  It's not normal to have numbness in your face so definitely give your GP a ring or 111.

Thanks for advice

I had a stroke 3 months ago. I have tingling on my left side. It is getting better slowly but is more noticeable when I am exercising.

I also get some tingling in  my face which comes and goes.

I just put it down to continued repairing of the nerve endings (but I am not medically trained)

I don't get any other symptoms so don't worry about it too much!

If you are worried I would speak to your GP.


Thanks Jane seeing my consultant in a few weeks time so I'll mention to him