Now in restricted lockdown :(

My area in West Yorkshire is one of the councils which have been put into a mini lockdown.  Only found out this morning on the news but the rule is, as far as I can make out,  we are not allowed to visit people in their houses and they can't come to ours. Other than that, I think everything is pretty much the same. You are allowed to go to work, go to the hairdressers, visit the pub, cafe or restaurant but only with people of your own household.  All ok for us.

For us personally, it means no weekend visits from our daughter and son-in-law as they live in a non-affected council area.  It's annoying because it is only a minority of people who won't social distance in our area.  As always, the majority are penalised for the minority.

Sorry to hear you are in this position. Many people have not obeyed lockdown at all. Others are given an inch and take a mile. We are still being cautious here in Worcestershire, but have had no deaths in local hospitals for 13 days. I hope you will get to see family again soon. Mind you, today is too hot by half.

Way too hot for me!  I knew once they brought in masks in shops etc, this would be the green light for people not to social distance. I've lost count of the number of times people have leaned over me in the supermarket just because they had a mask on.  But when you say anything, you just get a mouthful.  

Our Morrison's is excellent. Staff and customers wear masks, there is a security guard on the door, a one way system and sanitiser for you and your trolley at the entrance. There are two exits, one for baskets, one for trolleys both with 2 metre distance queues. You are directed to a till when the customer before you has gone through.

That announcement was somewhat sudden.

My friends near Manchester have also been stopped from seeing their grown up sons, which they only did in their gardens. Unlike previous requests, gardens are no longer allowable.

I think the authorities are just trying to do what they believe is best. Regret that doing their best really starts with financial matters.

I went into "stay at home" because we are 70+. I did not get a letter telling me how decrepit I am. Stroke doesnt count ! Asthma doesnt count ! And open heart surgery, during lockdown, doesnt count ! I was asked to stay home for 12 weeks. But after a few weeks we seemed to disappear from the reckonings. Not a word when the 12 weeks ended. I did stay at home. Now I am tending not to mix. Our little rural area, according to the ONS seems to be bad. Far far worse than my other house in NW London. But the villagers insist the virus hasnt come down here. I despair.

Yes Colin, it's a whole swaithe (sp?) of the North.  My council is Kirklees which covers a massive area. We live 30 seconds from the border with Wakefield which is another council borough.  So from where we live at one end of Kirklees, it stretches right over the M62 up to the border of Lancs at Saddleworth Moor.  A good 20 miles or so from us and more so northwards and southwards.  It really should be split into 3 as their HQ is in Huddersfield and life seems to stop there for the council.

The police said on TV last night that is it only 1% of the general public who do not abide by the rules and laws of the country and it is the same with Covid.  This 1% 'get a kick' out of breaking the rules throughout life.  Sadly, it is others who suffer the consequences. One would think with track and trace, they could target specific areas a bit better rather than whole counties.


I can completely sympathise with your situation

My wife suffered an unexpected stroke last sun - was transferred to ICU and now in the stroke unit in Halifax.Local lockdown meens I can go to see her in person or talk to the doctors directly, but have to rely on 'virtual visits' when technology works correctly!

Anyway - will plod on and hope evertyhing improves as time progresses

Best Regards