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Last Wednesday I got up, everything was fine then out of the blue it wasnt! I couldnt control my legs or stand up. Called 111, ambulance came, hospital, scans, blood tests, admitted to stroke ward. Scans showed I had suffered an ischemic stroke, luckily the only effects were my legs and some double vision for a short period. I am now home with a bag full of medication, no need for physio, speech therapy etc and no idea what to do next. I am very tired and obviously frightened. Any advice would be welcome.

Shwmae @Ktrean60, aye it is frightening, and sorry to hear you’ve experienced this as well. Do you know where the stroke occurred, this may be essential for acquired issues you may not be currently aware of? The most important thing at this juncture is sleep and rest, you may feel at times like you can get up and go, and carry on, but the brain is doing some self-repair, and it is beneficial to allow it to do that, otherwise it won’t finalise what it needs to do. This self-repair will continue for about six months before it will want to test out its patch. If you know the cause or trigger for the stroke, this will influence any lifestyle changes you may need to make. For instance, my stroke was trauma to the neck, so I don’t do any heavy lifting or rigorous physical activity anymore. Neurological fatigue will drag on for a bit, it is just the brain’s way of saying, I am exhausted with processing and need to mind-blank for a while. Be brave and positive as much as possible, do things that give you pleasure and help you relax. Ease back into life, don’t dive in. Glad you are here.


Thank you for your reply. It is so upsetting and hard to process. I am a fit, active person, good diet, do not drink or smoke so especially hard to understand. My stroke occured in my brain stem so I have been very lucky. My scans did not show any other problems. Thank you for your advice, hope your recovery is progressing. Happy Christmas


As Rups says take it easy, rest and make sure you get enough sleep. I like you,was puzzled, why me as I was fit and ate sensibly. Got active as soon as I could but small baby steps and what I’ve yet to master is ratio of mental, physical activities and rest periods. There’s a wealth of experience here so post again if you have any problems.


Thank you for your reply Pds, its such a shock isnt it! I think I will struggle like you to get the ratio right. I suppose like you say its baby steps. I have two very eager sausage dogs waiting for me to resume normal service. I know its early days for me (stroke occured last Wednesday), but its knowing when its safe to carry on I suppose. Have a Happy Christmas and good luck with your recovery

@Ktrean60 welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had a stroke. Its a lot to take in isn’t it. Stroke doesn’t discriminate between fit & unfit. Like you i was at my healthiest when I had mine.

Hidden stroke effects can often be the most debilitating. As others have already said rest is essential for your brain to repair. Ease yourself back in gently & try to find the balance between rest & activity. You’ll know when you’re ready to take the next steps.

Wishing you all the best.


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You are a brave survivor, brain stem stroke is very serious. I know someone who had a brain stem stroke and is doing very well, and now works with stroke survivors. The brain stem manages a lot of automated physical processes. I wish you well with your rebuilding, and look forward to hearing of your milestones.

Nadolig Llawen and a heddychol blwyddyn Newydd.

Thank you Mrs5k for your support and advice. Have a Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Thank you so much for your kind reply and support

Thank you, Im just finding my way round the site. It will be a week tomorrow since it happened so early days. I will definitely be using the resources alot.
Any help is appreciated.


@Ktrean60 welcome to the group. in terms of tiredness. i had a physio give me a simple piece of advice
imagine you have 10 spoons every time you do a activity for instance brush teeth, remove 2 spoons, make a coffee remove 2 more spoons that leaves 6 spoons left. I f you keep going your spoons are gone. As you do a task have a minute recharge. similarly the same as you have to charge your phone. I hope that makes sense?


Thats a good way of looking at it, thank you for that. Hope your recovery is going well.