Not Logged In For Ages

Received an email this evening from 'My Stroke Guide' saying I'd not logged in for a while. To be honest I did not know what My Stroke Guide was. For a long time My memory & headaches have been worsening...

I'm due an appointment for a neurological Dr in December, I've pinned the letter to the door so I don't forget - I have to read it every twenty or so minutes as I don't know what or why it is there.

Anyway I haven't logged in for the said reasons but now I have five minutes after I post this I'll have forgotten.

Dear Matelot892--Glad you posted even though you say you'll forget about it right away.  I have notes all over the place to remind me of things.  You're not alone in that.  Stroke or not, I think everyone over fifty begins with the notes. And we write more and more of them as time goes by!!!smiley Hopefully, the neurologist will be helpful.  Love, Jeanne

Been meaning to reply but well, memory?

Thanks for your kind words I did have a smile about your comment having notes all over the place.

I find myself recording programmes/films I want to watch but forget that I've actually recorded them. So notes are helpful?

??having to stay in the kitchen until the kettle boils to make a cup of tea - it seems to take forever ??

Anyway, hope this finds you in good health.....

Love, John?