Not Got Coronavirus But

Received text/email saying result of my home test was negativeđź‘Ť
But I’m still constantly coughing bringing up lots of awful phlegm.
Pain in chest/back when coughing not getting any sleep. Tried the usual paracetamol etc…
Tried 111 but expect their overrun with calls at this time of virus…
Was going to ring Dr’s but can never get through so that’s a no, no.
Try the 111 again in a couple of days.
If I could just sleep it would be something…
Funny old world huh.

Hello @Matelot892, sorry to hear you have the dreaded lurgy. Last year, I had a horrible flu (wasn’t Covid) but it knocked me out for a week. Constant coughing, and dribbling nostrils. I hope you revive soon.

sorry to read, yes sometimes all we want to have some decent sleep. try to gargle with TCP old school stuff but it works, a cup of boiled water and one cap of TCP works. try to rub some vicks on the bottom of your feet and put on some old socks. open the window every day for little while.
some soothers hard candies can help.

hope this nasty cough goes away and you get some sleep.


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I think I’d be tempted by a glug of Night Nurse. I used to use it when I’d come off nights and needed to sleep. Worked a treat!

Collapsed at home, got been checked out, something to do with Neurolagical ir something. Ho.e now feeling like I’m on a happy juice or something thing,
Nothing a cuppa can’t fix.
Got my new oxygen mssks today much more comfortably to wear.
And now the :sun_with_face: is shining :hugs:

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Hello @Matelot892, enjoy that cuppa, and hope you are okay.

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